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  1. For Sale: 2 x Africa Twin XRV & Transalp Haynes Manuals

    For Sale / Wanted
    1 x Africa Twin XRV & Transalp Haynes Manuals *****BOTH SOLD***** Hi guys & gals, As I have now sold my last XRV I have two spare Haynes manuals, 1 is almost as new and the other has been used but no damage. £15 each including postage to the UK (cheaper than any on ebay etc)
  2. RD04 Needle jet holder. Which one is with 10 holes?

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have a XRV RD04 1991. Reading all service manuals and visiting all websites in the world, don't clarify which needle jet holder goes where. One have 6 holes - one have 10 holes. My logic tells me, that the one with 10 holes is in carburettor 1, since its jetted a little larger than...
  3. RD03 - PDF or similar wanted

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'd like to get as many RD03 related documents together as possible. I think it would come in helpful as I work my way through the servicing, and I'm big on reading through all of workshop manuals/wiring diagrams. My RD03 is a French import but I'll take anything I can get. If anyone...
  4. Can anyone value this transalp?

    My dad is thinking about selling his 650 Alp and we can't seem to agree on a value of it. Prices for 650s seem to vary a lot on ebay. Details are below. Any ideas on what price we should advertise it for? ---------- 2001 Transalp 650, in black. 35,000 miles, full MOT Very very good...
  5. Honda Service Repair Manuals PDF

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to share with you a place where you can download service manuals for your motorcycle. This site has a daily limit of 4 service manuals. Honda Service Manuals Hope it helps!
  6. couple of tips, may be of help, newbies & vets

    Africa Twin
    Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Honda AT RD03 fuel reserve sensor. Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - AT XRV650 RD03 CDI. Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Fuel Pump Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Spark plugs Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Suspension Upgrading Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 - Race Tech Emulators 43mm...
  7. xl 250 Degree. No spark

    AS THE TITLE SAYS, My Honda XL 250 Degree has no spark at all. other than that everything else works. when it initially had no spark I changed the coil pack and it ran fine....for a day. so then I bought s new CDi unit and coil pack and nothing. on further investigation I get no live to...
  8. nx650 2001 offical honda workshop manual

    Dominator / FMX
    hi guys firstly as I am new to this forum I would just like to say hello to everybody out there and thanks in advance to any help given . I have just purchased a 2001 nx650 ( for the right money ) and as the engine needs work I would like to buy a Honda workshop manual however all I seem to...
  9. Xr250 md30 2004

    Hi I have a import 250 with the upside down forks and elec start. I have just had to strip the forks as the seals were burst and now ready to put back together. My question is how much fork oil do I put in. I can't find any workshop manuals out there that tell me anything on these forks, I have...
  10. For Sale: Honda Transalp XL650V 2001

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    If you are looking for a Transalp, you will already know the great reputation it has. This bike is in really excellent condition for its year. It has only had light, mainly dry weather use. Everything works perfectly and and it handles beautifully. The only reason I am selling is because we...
  11. Classic Retro Classic- Honda 1992 CB750F2

    Other Honda
    Just brought a Honda 1992 CB750F2 a reto model of the classic 750/4 which is itself becoming collectable (I hope!). I had sold my VT500E so I went to Pugh's auction viewing on Friday and stopped off at Bransons Gloucester for a browse and saw this amongst the new CB1000's that look similar...
  12. Transalp Gone -Forum Leaving Present

    Hi Guys I have sold/Traded my Transalp in for a new CRF250L. As a leaving present I have shared a folder containing Service Manuals (PDF) for anyone you wants a copy. Enjoy! any problems accessing it please PM me...
  13. Is this engine oil ok for my RD07?

    Africa Twin
    Hi fellow riders, just signed up for this forum. Currently on a long trip - so far from Denmark to Cambodia :) I need to changed oil again, but are not sure if this oil is ok. In the manuals it says API grade E ,F or G. This one is API grade SL - is that ok? I dont have a lot of choices here...
  14. Owners handbook

    Hi, does anyone have acopy of an owners handbook on PDF for a 2005 Baby V? I picked up my SH bike from the dealer, but its missing its handbook. searches on the WWW only come up with service manuals Any help would be appreciated Sant :)
  15. For Sale: For sale: Honda CRF 250L

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Folks. I am a bit of a newbie so please be gentle! The site was recommended by a friend of mine who is a member here. I have a Honda CRF250L for sale. 3,000 miles, 12 REG (2012), First MOT due 10-08-2015, VGC, Red/Black/White, Acerbis hand guards fitted, Garaged, Two owners from new (first...
  16. For Sale: Arai Tour X4

    For Sale / Wanted
    Plain white Arai X4 for sale bought last year with very little use. Complete with visor and box (a little tatty) and all manuals etc. One very small chip on the back. Never dropped or crashed etc, really nice helmet complete with peak and pin lock visor Cost £499 Size Medium Selling for £200...
  17. SENA

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Just got my SENA 20S, already had the SENA SMH10. A quick review. The price, simplicity, battery life and quality of the SMH10 is excellent. The 20S is an advancement which includes more features and bluetooth 4. The 20 S is almost double the price, but the noise is all gone, it is very clear...
  18. Wanted: gsf bandit haynes manual

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    If your like me you have a box full of old manuals in the garage, and ever few years you have a clear out, well I sold my bandit manual (went 5 years after the bike, another 5 years on I need it back again) so has anyone got a 600/1200 bandit manual going spare do let me know.
  19. Africa Twin - Colour Codes Explained

    Africa Twin
    I keep getting asked what the different TYPE colour codes mean on the parts manuals, so I've put together this list. I think it's pretty accurate, but if anyone can expand or correct if they see any glaring errors/omissions please post in this thread. :thumb:
  20. For Sale: Haynes manuals for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have two of these surplus to requirements. Anyone need one, both excellent condition, £5 each plus postage. Send me a PM