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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hello to all, A great forum and I am sorry to start my first post with a question... Bought an SLR about a month ago and am currently servicing it e.t.c I have tried everywhere to get a Manuel for it including Honda who said 'Sorry mate we don’t do them anymore, try eBay' :angry6:... yeah...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello again I have been seeking all over the internet.:book: Is there anyone here that knows where i can find the original Owners Manuel? Either in digital format or paper version :confused:
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi Tried to get stand off today armed with just a pair of pliers. Put bike on side stand,that was easy (I didn't disconnect the 2 return springs off lug because it seemed very difficult and i thought once the pivot shafts were out they would be easier to get off)....straightened pins and slide...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    i am thinking about doing my own oil and filter change. read the owners manuel and it all seems straight forward. the only thing it does not tell me is how much oil to put in. can anyone give me a rough idea. many thanks Andy.
  5. Transalp
    check out this site for workshop and repair manuels free to download?
  6. Chatter
    Ok done my fueltap Next thing is my Front brake caliberthingys :oops: they need a good looking to Haynes Manuel says 4 spanner problem= pete starts running :lol: Is it really that tricky?? Please o wise one's of the maintenance and fixing underworlds enlighten me with your knowledge and i...
  7. Africa Twin
    Just got my @t, love it already, but the bloody tacho on the TripMaster doesn't work - The clock works and no problem with resets but the Trip counters 1,2 and CountDown don't work, they just remain at Zero, althought twice I have seen small increments. So I presume that the counters do work...