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  1. Africa Twin
    Hello AT Fans! Can you identify this aftermarket exhaust on my XRV750 RD04? It was installed on an AT I purchased and I am unable to locate any stamps or reference to an aftermarket manufacture. It sounds really nice on the V-twin. Any thoughts or guess? Thanks in advance!
  2. CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, I'm trying to get proof of year of manufacture for my 230 and although I've contacted Honda UK and given them the Vin number, they say that they are unable to help and have returned my cheque. Any ideas ?:(
  3. Africa Twin
    This summer in will be importing my RD03 into the U.S. I can't find any information on obtaining a date of manufacture letter from Honda. Has anyone done this?
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, I recently bought an AT on a Q plate (stolen recovery) and the new documents states a 2000 model. I know it's not a 2000 bike and believe it's a 93-95. Could some 'expert' look at the pictures and let me know what year it was manufactured so I can purchase some parts for it? VERY...
  5. XR
    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to establish the year of manufacture accurately from my frame lable No. (bearing in mind its probably an import). Only it would be nice to accurately order the right parts from the right year!! Ive tried to look on the internet but there seems to be a lot...
  6. Chatter
    Right feel the need to let some Hot Air out the collar :mad::mad: :hitler: Bought a New Nolan 103 flip last november "great helmet really comfy " for me. Now after the Galloway neet the sunvisor jammed down so took it back under 5 year warrenty for repair or replacement:rolleyes:, Well they...
  7. Africa Twin
    i know this maybe a stupid question but can someone tell me what models match with which years of manufacture. ie. between which years were the rd07 manufactured. rd03, rd04 etc.
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi, Does anyone know how to check out the year an @ was built and the first country it was imported to? The bikes we get over here in Thailand seem to appear from everywhere. The one I have actually still had its frame I.D. plate still attached. Frame and Engine numbers are usually change on...
1-8 of 8 Results