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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi i was looking at my exhaust which is in good condition (from what i can see) but i was looking for alternative SS options are arrow the sole manufacturer of aftermarket manifolds ? Also if you have one are there any benefits over standard ? Weight ,performance etc
  2. Chatter
    Hello and Season's Greetings. I had posted this in "Other Makes", probably not a good idea. I'm sure that a couple of years ago people on here were buying exhausts from a UK manufacturer, maybe somewhere in the Lake District, does that ring any bells? Cheers, Robin.
  3. XL
    hi guys am looking fur nice downpipes fur ma 78 250s, or any links to a some..also 23 inch tyre needed, there was some guy on here who found a manufacturer,,i cant remember who it was ,if anyone has any info pleaae mail me,,,cheers
  4. Transalp
    I'm really like the look of the Heindau K60 tires but everywhere I look it says the 130/80 rears get rubbish mileage so I was thinking about a 140/80 rear. Has anyone out there used a K60 140/80 rear on a 650 before? I know tires sizes can vary from manufactuer to manufacturer so looking...
  5. XR
    I need a recommendation, please. Manufacturer/supplier/Colour name or code? Thanks.
  6. Africa Twin
    Saw someone talking about a Pan European version so had a quick look and saw an AT version.JOE BAR TEAM - HONDA 750 AFRICA TWIN 1/18 scale model - LobsterDiecast
  7. Chatter
    Do any manufacturers quote the service intervals on the web? Frankly I'm pee'ed off with the 4000 mile service interval for my Alp and was wondering what other bikes are like but the info seems hard to come by...
  8. Mechanical Advice
    I've gone blank... I swear it must be old age. What is the name of the metal panniers made by a very friendly and helpful guy in Cambridge? If I remember correctly they were excellent value for money. A friend of mine has just emailed me asking if I can point him to some decent panniers that...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hello all, The downpipes on my RD04 are getting to the end of their days, so I called Honda for the cost of some replacements.The cost came back as £307 + VAT for the front pipe and 170 + VAT for the rear (not cheap). I call David Silver who said they could get the front pipe for a similar...