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  1. Manufacturers looking at "small" adventure bikes?

    I know this isn't Transalp related but I though it was interesting that manufacturers are waking up to the fact that 1200cc and 230kg isn't what everyone wants! V-Strom 250 and Versys 250 rumoured - Motorcycle news: New bikes - Visordown
  2. Twist the throttle

    Another re run of the series charting motorcycle manufacturers' histories for those that have not seen them on Sky today Channel 523
  3. exhaust/muffler interchangeable between model years?

    Africa Twin
    I currently have a BOSS muffler on my RD04, which is not road legal. I'd like to get a muffler that has e-approval (road legal in the EU). I checked the MIVV website and they only have a muffler for model year 1993 and on, would that fit my RD04? Anyone knows of exhaust manufacturers that have...
  4. Links to Manufacturers Service Manuals

    Africa Twin
    A 1988 copy of the Honda Common Service Manual can be found here, and the 1987-2002 Haynes Transalp and Africa Twin service and repair manual is here...