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  1. Help MapSource not installing

    Not much of a wiz on the comp so could do with some help please. Iv just got a Garmin SP 3, i have installed the Mapsource disk but the city navigator disk will not auto run and when i click on anything it says the wrong OS version. Any ideas what im doing wrong, my laptop runs on Vista...
  2. Mapsource Problem..........

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi everyone my computer packed up and i have got a secondhand replacement.I have installed Mapsource Map installer 61516.exe from the garmin website but when i try to install City select or Map update the setup will not install from the disc.I keep getting the message install from C D .Is there...
  3. garmin mapsource use

    hi all, changing over to garmin gps and quick question . after trawling the numerouce sites will be using mapsorce on a garmin probably nuvi550 or similar , can you make your own routes on a pc via mapsorce then uplaod to either sd card etc or harddrive on gps for use on the above sat...
  4. Garmin MapSource

    Mechanical Advice
    Just to let everyone who's running a Garmin GPS know that MapSource was updated on 27th Feb '08. It's now at v6.13.7 and the update can be downloaded here: :thumbleft:
  5. I got my V9 mapsource update...

    Mechanical Advice
    had ordered it on-line but heard nothing for over a month so i phoned them and got it the next day!