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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    A long shot I know, I'm new to the forum and have bought an RD03 that I'm wanting to build a Dakar replica. I've talked at length with Jonathan (RR) and can buy the kit new but as ever money is always tight so I thought I would ask on here first to see if anyone has anything that I can use...
  2. Africa Twin
    I was lucky enough to source a slightly used Boano tank. The fasteners that were on the tank do not have the smaller "inner" piece that accepts the twist stud. Can anyone tell me if the Boano kit comes with these or does one drill out the riveted pieces on the OEM tank and use? Yjx
  3. Africa Twin
    XRV Fans, Hello. I believe I own an original metal HRC XRV750 series II fuel tank from the Paris-Dakar races and am writing to learn if anyone on the forum may be able to provide a market value for the fuel tank. As you may be aware, they are very rare and rarely become available for sale...
  4. Africa Twin
    Now the RD04 Marathon rep encourages me to thrash it so I've never really pootled along as I have almost always been on my one when on it Fuel at best has been 47-50 ish mpg max, a lot less that the RD07a but acceptable because it's faster than the RD07a Went out with son no1 (Dave) on his...
  5. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Found this quite by accident, not the first time it's been on Ebay and not sure of this really is genuine, but WOW looks amazing ! :thumb: HONDA DOMINATOR NX 650 MARATHON - CAMEL TROPHY | eBay
  6. Africa Twin
    Not mine, dont know the seller
  7. Africa Twin
    Searching the net as you do over the xmas bloatiness and came across this. Owner claims it was entered in the race. Restored, all original. Is it worth that much? Not that i am considering it. Father christmas hasnt been that generous.
  8. Africa Twin
    Looking for advice on Boano Marathon Replica Tank (One cap or two?) RD03 Looking for some advice on the Marathon Replica tank that is available for the RD03. It comes in a couple of different versions I believe, and any pros/cons to the one cap version versus the two cap one would be...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hey guys,is pass long time from my last post,here my 650 marathon 6000049 ready finally!,let me know what do you think is been a long work but i love the result!.
  10. Africa Twin
    I'm looking for a bracket for my speedo, gps, etc that works with the stock lamps and fairing. Any ideas? I saw this photo of a marathon replica with something like I'm looking for. Of course, this could be custom.
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi, I understand there wasnt a factory team in 92 .. really dont find much on the interweb.. looking for a few pixs of the non official bikes that entered. Did Honda provide the marathon that year, or was it earlier on the RD03 only.. any info welcome.. cheers Matt
  12. Chatter
    Entry paid today - best get back down the gym and start getting fit again.......
  13. Chatter
    Well done on your amazing achievement at the half marathon this morning. Talk about an up yours to those who thought such a thing wasn't possible. :thumbright: :toothy8:Apologies Mods if this is in the wrong place
  14. Charity Events
    Ok, in August I set myself (well, thats a lie, my Doctor did!) a 5 stone weight loss target - not too bad so far, just over 3 and a half stone so far! I also set myself a 10 mile running target which was ambitious to say to least... my first run lasted 3 minutes before having to walk... I was...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi guys,i'm Federico from Italy,i would like present the Rd03 of my brother restored by me and him and my Rd03 with some changes.....we've done all in house,we have a hobby workshop beside our home so everything about mechanics,body,paint,etc is made by us.....result seem nice,let me know what...
  16. Africa Twin
    Just came across these on eBay. Anyone have any comments on the vendor? I wonder what the quality would be in comparison to Boano...... The photos don't instil confidence from what I can make out, but thought I'd post for comments. honda africa marathon | eBay
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    Something just that little bit different, a set of Marathon class rear panels in heavy duty primed fibreglass for those wishing to give their bike that classic look ( as some have done already on this very site). Asking £195 plus postage at cost.
  18. Transalp
    I caught a look of this video... Kenyan runner tackled by spectator, still wins race and thought, "Heck, those bikes look familiar..." Looks like they've got good ABS, too... :D
  19. Chatter
    Many of you may not realise that in the dim and distant path I used to run quite a lot. However I ran the London for the second time and it hurt so much and left me in so much discomfort I haven't run much since, I get my fitness in other ways, gym, walking etc. However two of my daughters have...
  20. Chatter
    Sharrie has already done more than 10 miles of her Loch Ness Marathon. And the only monster she has seen is Lowflyer;)
1-20 of 55 Results