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  1. Marco sticker

    I don't think anything came of the last thread regarding this but I went on net and bought stickers from "" They are not the best in the world and if I knew how to work a computer as good as some of you guys,I could have had some made in work but hey,I have some now.If any body wants...
  2. R.I.P. Marco.

    BBC Sport - Marco Simoncelli dies after crash in Sepang
  3. Back from 4 week European trip!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We got back 3 weeks ago and all this snow has given us the time to sort photos out - although some of the snow scenes will now have lost a bit of their impact! Breifly - we had 4 weeks off, no set plan except a 1 way ferry to Calais - and make it up as you go along......we had a really great...
  4. Dambusters

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dambusters tour - open invite - spring bank holiday I'm hosting a Dambusters tour next Spring Bank Holiday.... The basic shake down is meet up at the Bever camping site near Hückeswagen on the outskirts of Germany's main industry area and from there visit the Dams that were targeted during Op...
  5. leguna motoGP woz "fixed"

    Africa Twin
    Laguna Conspiracy Theory The race was fixed. (Scene: in the Yamaha garage, roughly twenty minutes before the sighting lap for the MotoGP race. Valentino motions Colin over to the corner of the garage just out of everyone's earshot) VALE: Colin, diss eess a beddy important race for Amedica...