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  1. Cheap'ish ally top box from £35

    Bodgers Corner
    Been bodging again and decided to get a ally top box. Found this transport case on e-bay and thought i'd give it a go : Its only .8mm thick...
  2. Centech Auxiliary Power Fuse Panel

    Product Reviews
    This is a great piece of kit that I bought whilst in the States a couple of years ago for $45 (about £30 at the time) but it is available online. Basically it’s an additional fuse box that enables you to quickly and easily power any additional accessories you want to put on your bike. I...
  3. Pro-oiler Fitted - pics.

    Ok, so I am almost there. I have fitted that Pro-Oiler ( And here some photos for you ... Haven't connected the battry yet, so hope it works .. The pump and Connector box and Tank were glued in place by using Marine Sikaflex-291, it is supposed to be good for vibrations too...
  4. DIY panniers

    Took a trip to Scotland recently on my 96 TA and set fire to my soft panniers - of course, the things had slipped against the exhaust despite my best efforts top keep them clear. Molten plastic and flames ensued on the hard shoulder of the M74, but thank God for bungees, and I left my smoldering...
  5. Fast response for AT

    Tony ( not his real name) a mate and fellow XRV rider, was just going up to bed, when he heard a noise in the garden. He looked out of the bedroom window and saw three hooded Scrotes trying to get his AT out of the shed! His first instinct was to rush down and batter the living crap out of them...
  6. Glues on plastics

    Hi, anyone know a good glue to join PE plastics (like the sidecover), have a similar issue with some car parts too ... tried model plane CA glue and heptane booster seems to work on the bike, tried marine sikaflex ... considering trying melt glue ... on the car part. I know that these plastics...
  7. Happy birthday to me :-)

    Well it was yesterday actually, but I was sulking then about getting older (now 42) :cry: Woke up this morning to realise I'm exactly the same as I was at 41, so was a lot happier :D Anywho off paint balling on Saturday with a gang of mates as way of a celebration of a couple of close...
  8. Mobile Mechanic

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Had some work done recently ,would highly recommend this chap and he's mobile. Ex Honda mechanic and will try to get any part for you at trade price + p&p. also does cars and marine. Service for bike is about £70... P & J Hooker 01243 820861 mobile- 07787112069
  9. Close call

    Well I span over from Galway to Dublin today to have a gander at lids. I was outside one shop drooloing over a customers KTM NineFiddy supermoto, my dream road bike (after the Marine Turbine Y2K that is), when I copped a tidy black and silver '03 KTM NineFiddy Adventure for sale. Had a bit of...
  10. Boxit Waterproof Mobile Phone Holder

    I've been asked about my waterproof mobile phone holder a lot so I thought I'd record the details here for posterity. Here's some links to the Boxit holders.
  11. New GPS Reciever

    After looking long and hard, I have decided on getting a Magellan Meridian Gold GPS. The price of these units seem to vairy, but the retail proce seems to be about £250. list their best price as £238 where as Touratech (I know they modify their units for bikes) list it as...