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  1. XR250 front brake callipers

    Having refurbished my rear brake callipers on my 1996 XR250R, I though the front callipers would be the same ..... BUT alas not. I discovered phenolic pistons in the front callipers ? Am wondering if they’re worth re-using, as i’ve never come across phenolic pistons before and I was...
  2. I have got a new toy.

    Triumph Tiger 955i, 2005 with just 16,000 genuine on the clock. Got Triumph gel seats, All Triumph luggage. Engine Bars, Headlight Grille, Radiator and Oil cooler grills and a Bagster Tank cover and bag. All in near unmarked condition. V. nice to ride on the open road but I don't think I will...
  3. MOT a week or two back - chain tension saga

    Discreetly watch second bike TA 650 going though its MOT and I know that chain brings out worst of tester's OCD as it was marked as loose in advisory last year. I know it's in perfect condition and correctly tensioned but for him it's a fail for too slack. So he kindly gets the tools out and...
  4. Anyone need a 650 seat?

  5. DRZ400E wheel big issue

    HI everyone, Had my DRZ400E for a few months now and absolutely love it - it's a UK registered DRZ400E (2001 model). I now need to replace the chain and sprockets and have hit a bit of a problem. The standard sprocket size doesn't seem to fit my rear hub as the spacing of the holes is very...
  6. New Owner

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, After 24 years finally achieved my bucket list motorcycle. It has and always been to own an Africa Twin. So, I finally picked one up albeit not the exact one I wanted but... I've got one finally. The "dealer" said it was a 2000. I was highly skeptical, especially when I pulled...
  7. Rode off road!

    Dominator / FMX
    Having recently replaced the Bridgy BT45 tyres on my Dommie with a more dirt-friendly Conti Escape, I took a detour off road today. Nothing strenuous, I don't have the skills for it, just some marked Byways around Hertfordshire. Good fun, and a useful escape route if I'm ever a fugitive on the...
  8. For Sale: various rd04 parts for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi. Have got the rack the rearmost plastic cowl stator engine case and the other side case as well and the rear light. All for sale at sensible prices. I can see what they're worth on fleabags but make a sensible offer and we can sort something out. You can message here or call 07986 ---- 298...
  9. For Sale: Motad Stainless Steel Silencer and exhaust link pipe £35

    For Sale / Wanted
    ITS NOT A MOTAD IT'S A MICRON!!! A Micron Stainless steel silencer and link pipe, dimensions shown in picture, silencer is road legal and is marked BS EN-10088-PT2 (ie stainless steel) MTH10 (fitment?) . It appears it would fit Honda Transalp 600/650 and XRV650/750 Africa twins but do not know...
  10. Wanted: Varadero 1000 V2 lefthand fairing panel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a lefthand fairing panel for a V2 varadero 1000 in the colour PB324C? Ideally I'm after a mint one.... But would consider a lightly marked one. Cheers Garry Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  11. Chainsaw Boots

    Just taken delivery of a new pair of boots that protect your feet in case of a chain saw accident They came in a bag marked FRAGILE!
  12. RD04 Caliper Conversion

    Africa Twin
    About four years ago I converted my then, RD04 caliper with a set from a CBR 600F 1995. Apart from the hangers they were a direct fit. I'm trying to make the same conversion with my new RD04 and have just bought another set of the above caliper but they don't fit. The original calipers I...
  13. 79 XL 250S Head worn

    I decided to strip down my XL as it was burning oil when cold. So I bought the gaskets and valve stem seals and started the strip down. I noticed a few none original bolts holding the tappet covers down but it came apart o.k. The piston is marked 100 so assume that is a over bore. The...
  14. A couple of xl600v questions?

    Is the engine used on the PD10 marked as a PD06, I know it sounds odd but have just fully stripped my 1998 PD10 to bare frame and I'm sure I'm the first to do my engine is marked as a PD06? And is the exhaust manifold the same on both a PD06 and PD10?
  15. Front wheel Disc/rotor brake

    Africa Twin
    Bike is a 1993 rd07, and my doubt is if there is any difference between the Right Rotor and Left rotor, besides the "R" and the "L" mark in each rotor/disc brake? Looking at them (visual inspection) they look exactly the same with the exeption of an L and R marking on the side. Why am i asking...
  16. ignition coil

    hi ,new to forum and looking for advice please,working on mates 1982 xl500r ,problem with bike starting once engine gets warmed up, went to check ignition coil,secondary reading should be between 8k-15kohms ,his reading 4k,thought this was our problem so sent of for new one but that also reads...
  17. Dual 100mm headlights for Rally fairing

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I am replacing my stock front fairing with a rally style fairing. Problem is that I will need 2 dual 100mm headlights that have both high and low beams. Here in South Africa I am battling to source them. I can get but then they don't have a low beam. Does anyone know where I can source it...
  18. Low seat woes

    Bit of a saga this, Bought a genuine honda low seat from ebay and when it turned up it had the part no for a std seat 7720 etc so claimed back and returned it. I then bought a low seat from My local honda dealer, it came in a Box with low seat and the 082 part no on it, inside was a std seat...
  19. Rear shock linkage installation

    Africa Twin
    I got a bit confused when installing the rear shock and linkage on my rd04. Wich way should be up on this part? : Rod Assy.,cush Co Xrv750 Africa Twin 1990 Northern Europe 52470MS8000 Haynes says "mount with the marked side facing up, see illustration". The problem is that both sides has...
  20. For Sale: CRF 250L goodies,FMF etc

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have just sold my CRF and have available FMF Q4 slip on exhaust ( no header) - used for 75 miles only , as new and unmarked ,comes with original packaging and invoice for £249 . Will accept £185 for quick sale .. Really improves the bike AXP full wraparound sump guard , cost new £120 will...