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  1. Wanted: In search for my long lost bike

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    Morning all, I wrote a post a couple of years ago looking for my long lost Transalp, It's an XL600V, Maroon, Reg L461 VRV, last location was South Yorkshire & is currently SORN. If anyone has seen it or know of the current owner, would you let me know please :toothy10: :blob7::rolleyes...
  2. Non nodding Maroon 700 rider A27

    I keep meaning to write to a magazine, but this is a personal bug bear; actually I find it really gets to me. I see a guy, he's travelling Brighton to Eastbourne direction each morning; he NEVER nods. The fact that I ride a Transalp shouldn't matter. I've ridden since 17. Worked on bikes, ridden...