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  1. Christmass Pressy Ideas Thread

    It's that time of year again folks - when we've got to start wracking our brains for ideas for the kids, loved ones, better halfs, second cousin twice removed by marriage !!!! So use this thread to post up stuff youve got that you liked, share your ideas, post links to cool stuff - anything...
  2. A Newbie - Every Cloud has a Silver Lining !

    Hi. I am a ‘newbie’, and was wondering if I could ask you all for a little advice. First though, what my Transalp means to me…. Last year, my marriage broke up, I met a new woman, who turned out to be the love of my life, the ‘One’. She got pregnant, with my Son. My only Son. I owned a...
  3. Inflation

    Today i had 3 things to do with National and Local Government. 1 Extension to Annas Marriage Visa before 01/04/2007 this cost £280 now it costs £500 !!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREASE OF 78.57% IN 1 YEAR 2 Applied For Provisional Driving License for Anna before 01/04/2008 this cost £38 now it costs £45...