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  1. Steve McQueen advert

    Leading on from Kjells' Triumph edition for Steve McQueen fans how about this
  2. Steve McQueen edition

    Triumph is building 1.100 of these as a tribute to Steve McQueen 2012 Triumph T100 Steve McQueen Edition - Motorcycle USA The real deal:
  3. eBay: On Any Sunday...

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys & gals Apologies if I've missed a previous thread about this (yes, I do that quite often). I remember going to the cinema in the early '70s with my elder brother to see 'On Any Sunday', the Oscar-nominated american documentary on motorcycle racing featuring stars of the sport...
  4. i know its a long shot !!!!!!

    but after 30 odd years of trying im really confident that !!!!! steve mcqueen is going to make it over that dammed barbed wire this xmas:D:D:D:D:D:D
  5. Dream Garage - Choose 5 bikes

    We do this from time to time. If you could choose 5 NEW bikes that are on sale now or in 2007 what would they be and your reasons. Must be bikes on available on sale so Rossi,s bike does not count! I will start 1 KTM 990 Adventure - The replacement that Honda should build for the Africa Twin...