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  1. Help Finding Exhaust For,1991 XLR250R BAJA

    Hello All. The bike i have is a 1991 Honda XLR250R, BAJA, MD22 For a while i have been looking for a exhaust for my XLR and cant find any sites that do them.. Will an exhaust from any other Honda fit my bike without modification? maybe the XR250 or xl200...? My bike is more or less original...
  2. MD22 with electric start..?

    Hi, I have a little project on the go and am looking for some info / parts... Basically - I'm trying to find out whether there was ever an XL / XR 250 produced using the MD22 chassis - with electric start RFVC single carb air cooled engine? This is the combination I've thrown together and am...
  3. Complete strip down project.

    Hi guys, I've inherited a '90 XLR250 (MD22) that needs an engine rebuild due to extreme lack of oil..... As the engine's out, I've been thinking about a big bore kit and some head work, better carb and exhaust to get the most from the engine. I'd be very keen to hear you views on which...
  4. XR250 I think

    Can anyone help please I have just bought 2 old XR250 at lease I think they are. the chassis number starts with MD22 and I can see from Googeling it that it is an XR250. But on the frame under the seat there is a small sticker that says XLR250R. How can I find out what the model and year is...
  5. bike identification

    Hi all im trying to buy a few parts for my bike but ive found theres more than 1 version,,how do i identify exactly which bike i have? Its an 1991 xlr250 baja MD22 but there are mk 1 and mks 2 any one know when these bikes changed?? Cheers jon