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  1. FMX Fork Dimensions

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello All, Please could somone measure the diameter of the FMX forks, the part that goes through the yokes, if possible I would also like to know the distance between the fork legs? Many thanks Jim
  2. Brake reservoir hoses

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know the size of hose used on the front and rear brake reservoirs. I need to replace hose that's between reservoir and master cylinder. (front and rear brakes). Would measure it, but want to get some ordered asap. Bike is an RD08
  3. Wanted: WANTED - Baglux Shibuya Tank Bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a black, preferably, Shibuya tank bag. They measure about 40cm long x 23cm wide x 16cm high, hold about 10-12 lts and I would like it to be in very good condition. Thanks
  4. Damper rod measures

    Africa Twin
    I'd appreciate if anyone has AT damper rod lying around and could take A, B, C measures with verniers.
  5. TA600 rim offset?

    I am looking for this info for a friend, he needs offset measure so he can lace his front wheel. It is a single disc TA600
  6. Dominator brake caliper

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone on here know if a front brake caliper from a standard RD 02 dommie or a SLR650 will fit onto USD forks from a 2006 CRF250R? :thumbup: I dont fancy digging through the snow right now to get to my bike to measure them :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. XR 400 stock handlebar - diameter please?

    Anyone know the diameter of stock handlebars on a 2002 XR400 (bikes not here to measure). I want to buy bar risers. 28mm or 22mm??? Cheers Stuart
  8. Helmets

    Africa Twin
    Were would you guys recommend for buying a Helmet , gear in general online. Plus how can i measure my head for a lid. Thanks
  9. Helmet size

    How can i measure my head for a helmet, dont have a store near me and want to buy on internet.
  10. Dommie fork length???

    Dominator / FMX
    Howdy Can someone please tell me the fully extended fork length of dommie? I swapped mine for some fancy ones and forgot to measure my old ones before I parted ways with them. I need to know if I've gained much length that needs rectifying. Thanks in advance Tomo
  11. Is there any way to work out kg/mm of a fork spring

    Hi All Is there a way to measure a fork spring to work out what kg/mm it is ?? I have several XR 400 fork springs but have no idea if there std or what weight they are.
  12. XR400 dipstick

    Hi, could some kind soul with a XR400 measure the length of the stem on their dipstick for me? I have one of those that reads the temperature on my XR650L and I cannot get a clear reading on it, I wondered if one from a 400 will fit? cheers, Bob.
  13. Facet Pump Fittings

    Africa Twin
    Can somebody please tell me what size off fittings I need for the Facet 40105 for a 1994 @ the guy was giving me 8mm fittings which I am sure are to small. I dont know what the fittings are called or were you measure from so hopefully there will be a simple answer. I have ordered the pump but...
  14. Fork Gaitors for RD04 - what size?

    Africa Twin
    Sorry it's a stupid question but couldn't find it in here anywhere. Trying to order a new set today and no where near my forks to measure, wemoto guy on phone had no idea what size I should order. Anyone know diameter and length please? Also the clips that hold them in place, you still use...
  15. Transalp in a VW Van - Dimensions question

    I may have to collect a Transalp 700 and I'm wondering if I can get it in a VW T4 Van What I know so far - Bike height overall 51.4 inches Height in the back of a van 55" ( Not sure how accurate that is I can't measure the van right now) In theory it should work has anyone done it and is...
  16. For Snaphappy

    Reposted here for good measure. Snaphappy tribute - YouTube
  17. Standard Screen Size?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, if anyone has a standard screen fitted can anyone measure it from bottom to top centrally please? Not having had an A.T. before I don't know what is fitted - I think it might be a tall screen but not sure. Whatever, it causes quite a bit of buffetting so needs to be changed. Cheers :thumbup:
  18. Brake Piston inner Diameter

    Africa Twin
    Hey Guys, I know one of you will have the answer at hand so thought I try here first. Does anybody know the diameters inner and outer of the front and rear caliper pistons. I'm not near home or I'd measure up myself. Cheers guys. Rob
  19. Fork oil measuring tip (installing Intiminators)

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads, Thought I'd share a little idea I stumbled upon yesterday, when installing the Intiminators. Surely someone MUST have done this before and it's probably completely common knowledge, printed on some of the very first page of the big Change Fork Oil manual, but here goes anyway ... just...
  20. Different ways to measure sag?

    Africa Twin
    I've been looking around and saw that there are apparently different ways to measure your rear sag. I just want to clear out some confusion i've been having. Ive seen: Axle to frame - Bike on centre stand, measure from rear axle nut to a fixed point on the frame. Then have rider sit on the...