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  1. XL125 Rebore

    Hi, just having my 1980 CT125 rebored, (same as XL125), I can't find the recommended piston to cylinder clearance in my (Australian) manual. Can anyone please tell me the required clearance measurement.
  2. rear shock measurement

    Dominator / FMX
    hi guys,, can someone please tell me the length of th erear shock on the SLR650. hole to hole.. as am finding it hard to get one an i now need to bodge... thanks,,,john
  3. length of RD07 rear brake hose

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone measured the length of an RD07 rear brake hose (e.g. to get someone to make up a braided one for them)? It's tricky to get a good measurement on the bike, and I don't want to take it off as I can't bleed the rear brake right now. Sure I can manage, but it just occurred to me that...
  4. Exhaust width Measurement help

    Africa Twin
    Ok looking for the below measurement for anyone with a stck exhaust on. I have laser so want see how much i can get pannier step moved in buy when lad makes the rails
  5. Rear wheel offset measurement needed

    Africa Twin
    I've had my wheels respoked by Hagon a couple of months ago and , knowing the rear wheel uses 3 different spoke lenghts, I understood that it's not an easy job, so I decided to take it to them. When I got there, the first thing I asked was: "Do you have all the info, including offset on the...
  6. XR250/400 exhaust measurement

    Hi Im trying to order a baffle for my exhaust, does anyone know the measurement of the hole in the end can, where the baffle should be. I THINK its 57mm, but if anyone knows for sure that would be ace! Thanks Ed