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  1. eBay: Ladies Summer Jacket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Spada. Last worm by Sue on tour to Morocco. Cheers Dave.
  2. Wanted: Cowl for 1993 AT 750 (right side)

    For Sale / Wanted
  3. CRF 1000 - another cracked rear rack

    Africa Twin
    This one belongs to my friend. Max weight is 22lbs on that rack (so says the sticker). He had 17lbs of "survial tools and equipement". He went for medium off-roading. Nothing hard. Did a small jump over a ridge and... crack !!! Would you bring less for a day of off-roading ?
  4. For Sale: Spada Enforcer Gloves

    For Sale / Wanted
    Evening All, I've got a pair of size medium fluorescent Spada Enforcer's I got from eBay that don't fit me, good lightly used condition. I'd like what they cost me £18 posted or swap for another pair of gloves. Cheers Jon
  5. does a FMX centrestand fit on a SLR

    Dominator / FMX
    So... thats basically it. There's a fmx SW-motech centre stand on sale for 70 bucks, and I was wondering if it will fit my SLR. Are the connections on both bikes the same? Cheers. Link
  6. RD04 stickers

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know where i can get one of these from please ? Also need osf tank to front end fairing and nsr rear side panel ?
  7. Wemoto - OFFER: 15% off HEL Brake Hose Kits - 1 Week Only !

    Wemoto - OFFER: 15% off HEL Brake Hose Kits - 1 Week Only ! Share and Enjoy !
  8. New Year's Bargains !

    Go to: BykeBitz Share and enjoy !
  9. Schuberth SR1 - Size

    Yes I know about SR2 but looking at SR1 now =) Head size 61cm: According to Schuberth size chart: L = 58-59cm XL = 60-61cm Today I have: Shoei XR-1100 L = 59cm Fits good but can't be larger and Medium is to small. Uvex × 2 L = 59-60cm Feels quite large but also very light with soft...
  10. De-humidifier for the garage

    Product Reviews
    Hi there, just wanted to share my experiences with bying a de-humidifier. Installed a hygrometer i my garage and realized I had constant humidity of 70%. to inhibit corrosion i believe the humidity should be below 60%. i therefore invested in a drier-rotor de-humidifier based on review on the...
  11. Purpose of fitting 45127-KA3-831 on master cylinder

    Africa Twin
    The MC inlet isn't the usual European 10mmx1, but rather 10mmx1.25 I suspect My RD03 didn't come with the hydraulic fitting pictured below. What is its purpose? Could it be an adapter to a 10mmx1.0 thread? Part # is 45127-KA3-831 and found on many Hondas
  12. Calsci medium screen for sale

    Hi, I've just posted this in the for sale section and thought it maybe worth putting it here as well. Cheers stuart
  13. Cheap Arai Tour X4

    I was in Carlisle Honda yesterday and he has some Arai Tour X4 lids for sale at a discounted price. He has 2x white, 2x multi coloured and 1x black and white in a matt scheme. The multi's were marked at £500 and he is selling for £370. Trouble is they are only in Small and medium sizes! Lloyd...
  14. Helinox Chair

    Discounts / Deals
    Just had this email offering the Helinox chair for £63 Helinox Chair One Mattresses The Outdoor Shop I know a few here have them.
  15. 20% discount on boots at Get Geared

    Discounts / Deals
    Had an email from Get Geared today Motorcycle Boots ★★ FREE UK Delivery over £25 offering 20% off all full priced boots, code GGXMB13
  16. For Sale: Agv "stealth" helmet

    For Sale / Wanted
    AGV "STEALTH" HELMET (medium 57-58cm) pristine condition inside and out only worn by me for a few hours only! This helmet comes complete with AGV bag and box £90, cost me £210 to buy!
  17. Moto Guzzi Nevada Scrambler

    Moto Guzzi
    Moto Guzzi Nevada Scrambler | Bike EXIF Pleasing to the eye!
  18. Wolfman Rollie bag set up

    Rolie Bag Saddle Bag Combo for Small / Medium Rolie's > Wolfman Rolie Bag System I've got the option of getting a set of theses, looks very well made but not tried the set up, anybody?
  19. Kirkby Stephen National 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a great ride up on Thursday, Friday was a washout, the evening entertainment was the highlight of the day.
  20. Caption This

    Taken this morning