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  1. Another dommie special!

    Dominator / FMX
    1989 Honda Dominator custom. Yours for a mere £5250 Honda Dominator | eBay
  2. For Sale: Transalp rat in Trade-it Weston super mere

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    spotted this rat TA in trade-it at weston-s-m £455 Used Honda Transalp Rat bike, Honda, Super moto, Petrol, in Weston-Super-Mare. Second Hand Cars TT340F8A8
  3. Another year older for our favourite Cabby

    107! A mere youngster! Have a brilliant time, Cabby. Keep on smiling, eh? :occasion5::occasion6:
  4. Whealie really is a super hero.......

    Africa Twin
    It was bound to happen. You just can’t commute 50 miles a day through stationary London traffic on a ¼ tonne motorcycle and expect everybody to respect the difficulties of piloting solo. When my bike got shunted from behind by an abusive and aggressive mini cab driver in three lanes of solid...
  5. Pyrenees Road Book 2

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Back in June I had the time of my life riding down to the Pyrenees and attempting Vibraction’s Road Book 2. I travelled with my buddy ‘TerraStrom’. He rides a modified V-Strom 1000. I ride a trusty old Africa Twin. Hope you like the pics. For those interested full write up attached...
  6. Bigfoot sidestand

    Product Reviews
    Hi there. I bought a "Bigfoot" sidestand from a guy in Portugal for a mere £13. + p&p £3 It was on Ebay, but I can't seem to get a picture on to this post. He also does Varaderos (Big & little) and the new 700 Honda NX. Delivery was 3 days from order to delivery. The "shoe" is beautifully...
  7. Bigfoot sidestand

    Hi there. I bought a "Bigfoot" sidestand from a guy in Portugal for a mere £13. + p&p £3 It was on Ebay, but I can't seem to get a picture on to this post. He also does Varaderos (Big & little) and the new 700 Honda NX. Delivery was 3 days from order to delivery. The "shoe" is beautifully...
  8. Triumph Tiger 800 possible problem

    Ok, I've done 7k miles with my XC now and as all who know me can vouch I'm pretty damned hard on the bike so may incur uncommon faults! The fault I'm highlighting here is a problem with the gear indicator/neutral light. At 1500 miles mine had an issue with the gear indicator which ended with...
  9. rear disk advice

    Africa Twin
    My rear disc is worn and liooking to replace for impending MOT. EBC do one at £42 but if the reputation is anything like the pads I might overlook it, and our friend hollismx have a convincing blurb about the quality of their materials and designs for a mere £30 Im severely tempted... except Im...
  10. Ive done it !!!

    Ive just bought a 2009 700 Transalp rode the 100 mile ride home and its great Better than my 650ta on the motorway with a mere relaxed 80mph cruising speed wind no where as bad as the 650 on the whole I love it (so Far lol) Anyone using any offroad tyres on theres, there seems to be a limited...
  11. Trail rides for the disabled.

    This may be moved, but I will start it in Chatter for maximum exposure. Anyone prepared to help out for a day in Cornwall giving backies to kids and adults with learning and some physical disabilities? I went to Wales last year and it is really rewarding. If so, reply to Ross at...
  12. No More Heroes Any More?

    Actually, it's a lie, there are many many heroes out there, trying to make a better life for us mere mortals, but... Respect to the "Cockleshell Heroes"
  13. Shaving seat / raise forks / adjust rear spring

    I own a 2003 xr400, being a mere 5' 7" and near 9 stone I want to lower the bike but not upset the handling characteristics by the use of lowering links. How much foam can be cut from the standard foam seat? I guess at 1", using carving knife and a sander, but only to the middle where the...
  14. Sold: '99 TA 16,000 Miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD, THANKS :D (I already mentioned this in Mutley's thread, but thought I'd give it a heading of its own). Herby is a green 99'er with a mere 16,000 miles on the clock. (5 MOT certificates to confirm this) Always been garaged & trickled on an Optimate. It starts on the button and...
  15. Driving in Paris

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    This has been prepared by one of the Guys (Usil) on the BCFr forum, some useful tips and perhaps we should put it one the web site, whaddya fink ? Driving in Paris: Driving in Paris requires you to be prepared for the typical French style of driving where unwritten rules exist and if you do...
  16. Sam Manicom - Tortillas to Totems - Excerpt

    I thought you lot might fancy some inspiration to travel from Sam Manicom's latest book. :) I've done my review here...... Chapter One Predators and the Border Queens ‘Get your motor runnin’, Head out on...
  17. how does the goverment keep getting away with it!!

    i was listening to a local radio station today and there was an ex-serviceman who had served in the gulf during the first conflict in the 90's and was injured which resulted in him suffering lung damage. you could actually hear him struggling for breath as he was talking. for his troubles he was...
  18. The Isle of Barra report.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Isle of Barra Although I made this trip in my company Vauxhall Combo van, I was viewing it as possible bike tour for my Fiona, myself and possibly open up the Isle to many others who are interested in touring Scotland, God’s country. Sunday morning I was up at 08.00 to get ready for my...
  19. What's it worth?

    What's it worth?
    Greetings, Having had my AT for 5 years I'm toying with the idea of downsizing. I only use the bike for my 10 mile commute in/out London and really fancy something a bit more nimble and agile. That begs the question as to what my AT is worth and I would welcome the opinions of the great and...
  20. Entered her into her first comp!!

    Competitions / Trials
    Well i've had her a couple of months now and yesterday Was a South West Championship Enduro round at Dunmere Woods. That is located on the main road between Bodmin and wadebridge. Me and a mate entered in Sportsman class and both completed the full time of about 3 1/2 hours. Bike went well...