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  1. Morocco - piste Merzouga Mahmid and back - Africa Twin point of view

    Africa Twin
    I recently made another trip to Morocco this time with the purpose of riding the Merzouga-Mahmid piste and back. Since I've always received kind and useful feedback from I'll write a short resume that might be of interest to anyone. In a nutshell: Group 1x Africa Twin, 2x KTM990...
  2. Dakar trips with Mick Extance

    Got a spare £2,000? Then Dakar rider Mick Extance is to lead two eight-day and two ten-day Morocco trips of a lifetime with his Honda Off-Road Experience. It will take in the Atlas mountain range, lush river valleys, sandy coasts and wide expanses of desert. Each adventure trip begins in...
  3. Off roading Morocco on a TA 650 - October 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi guys, Last year it was a relaxed trip. This year, as a friend on a KTM 400 came with us, it was more... errr.. sport? So now, little words and a few pictures. We went to the south of Morocco with the bikes on a trailer and then each day between 150 and 200 kms of tracks. KTM 400, '91 XT...
  4. Morocco Piste LUXURY trip !!!! April-May

    Hi I organized a Trip in November riding light weight bikes in Morocco.... After 3 previous trips on my GS i decided to plan a trip using smaller bikes and doing a lot more of the piste trails (the best bit!). So i bought a XR400 and had fun! Check out Member " Insane Wayne"taste of Morocco ...
  5. Morocco Raid 2009

    Last Chance for any lonely souls looking to join other like minded travellers for a trip to Morocco - ( starting to sound like a lonely hearts Add ) Trip is 5th April to 23rd April, travelling Plymouth to Santander 2 days through Spain and off to North Africa, taking in all the sites of...
  6. Honda XR's go to Morocco!!!

    Well 2 weeks to go, we have 2 XR250's and a XR400 all with oversize tanks! a WR250f and a KTM 990 . the KTM is designated tug tractor and general Mule!!! Bikes are transported down to Tarifa in Spain and 4 lucky riders are flying in on Ryanair to Jerez Airport for £40 each!!! We plan 8 days...
  7. so far so good.

    I',e had myxr400 since new on recommendation from a friend. Davy from Plockton the best off roader i've ever seen. He can pull a wheelie up most of the Bealach na Ba on Applecross where'as i can't! Anyroad, i'm just back from a 9 week trip to Morocco where i road solo near Agadir,Tafroute...
  8. Morocco!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Finally got around to uploading some pics from our trip to Morocco in May. Most are taken around the Merzouga area but we also spent a lot of time in the Atlas Mountains. The crew, from left to right Damian, Gibbo, and Kiwi Pete Erg Chebbi. This was the view from our Auberge. Beautiful...