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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    There used to be some on Ebay, but no longer listed. Is anyone selling them............ or a quick borrow to make a copy? Cheers
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    After an RD07 headlight guard. Preferably mesh wire type, and cheap.
  3. Bodgers Corner
    I am after ideas for a rad gaurds for my transalp 700, ive got some stainless steel fine mesh that was designed for large fans and ive used some on a cbr600 with no ill affects
  4. Africa Twin
    While trying to mesh my clutch, with a tentioned primary drive gear assembly, I have come to the conclusion that the springs are tired and need replaced, has any one replaced just the springs ?
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted touratech style mesh headlight guard for my RD07A
  6. Varadero
    Hi, has anyone seen a Vara with a headlight guard, protector grille fitted? the mesh metal type. I would like one but not sure who makes them and how the look on the Vara, Cheer Jutin
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Has anybody got a headlight guard for sale to fit my 650 transalp,i am really after something like the mesh touratech type.Thanks.:color:
  8. Africa Twin
    Just fitted a new set of crash bars with mesh and set of light guards:thumbright: All from our friends at Heavy Duties.
  9. Clothing
    Can any one help, I remembe seng some texile trousers in a bike shop somwhere at some point ??? They were 3 layers all removable, 1st Ventented outer mesh shell 2nd waterproof layer 3 rd quilted layer, does anyone know who makes anything like this under or around £100. Cheers Mogz
  10. Africa Twin
    I am well impressed. Just got a prototype Headlight Mesh off BobA and fitted it to my RD07a. They are meant for an earlier model but quite easily and neatly fit the RD07a A few screws and 2 bolts and off come the nose cone - pop this over the lights and undwer the rubber - back on with the...
  11. Africa Twin
    Hurry, hurry! One of the more difficult parts to find! (No I'm not the seller, I just noticed it when scanning the Ebay for a new after market end can) honda africa twin lampen gitter bei Markenspezifische Teile (endet 18.07.10 10:33:53 MESZ)
  12. XL
    Unlike my old XR250 (1994) which had a paper element oil filter, the older XL just has a wire mesh oil filter, at the bottom of the sump. :rolleyes: So, as the bike is quite new to me, and been off the road since 1996, with 18000 miles I decided to check it out. Its a bit of a pain, coz you...
  13. Everything Orange - KTM
    A friend of mine who races his KTM 525 in enduros bought some of these and I managed to get some pictures of them to show.I think i'll get some as well.Not bad for £15 per side.
1-13 of 13 Results