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  1. SLR Tyre recommendations?

    Dominator / FMX
    I am wondering what tyres you run on your SLR Currently the bike has Bridgestone Trailwings which are near end of life & came with the bike As I am mostly on road with only a few forest tracks thrown in I am considering Metzler Tourance as I have those on my DL650 WeeStrom & have been very...
  2. mot says news tyres

    im running metzler tourance at the moment they seem ok , whats the tyre of the moment that suits the 700 transalp Neil
  3. xr 650r rear tyre

    my xr has gone through a metzler 6 days in 300 mls, what is everyone else using I do 50/50 dirt road the 6 days was new when I bought bike
  4. For Sale: Metzler Tourance 90/90/21 120/90/17

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I have a pair of tyres for sale, done about 700 miles. Off a transalp 650. Metzler Tourance 90/90/21 54S about 4mm in the center 120/90/17 64S about 6mm in the center Anyone interested, make me an offer and I will look into postage costs. RickSkye
  5. Pirelli Scorpion ST vs Metzler Tourance

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi all Hopefully someone can help me out here. Those people at Pirelli have decided to stop making by beloved scorpion ST, so I am stuck what to get next. I read in an article that the metzler tourance ( not the exp ) have the same rubber compound that the pirelli scorpion st. Now, I can't find...
  6. Metzler Tyres Tourance,s

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Hi everyone i am a new convert to Metzler Tyres due to a company of clowns called Bridgestone who do not care about their customers i have changed to the Metzler Brand. Up until around four days ago i had never ridden a bike fitted with Metzler,s , And did not know what to expect on Sunday the...
  7. Metzler ME 880 Marathon

    Africa Twin Anyone tried these for road only use? They look a bit like Tourances...
  8. metzler karoo's

    Mechanical Advice
    saw a set of these on a GS today and just wonderd if anybodys had any experience of them they looked the part but are they any good :D
  9. Best inner tubes to use for Metzler lasertecs

    Does anyone know what are the best inner tubes to use for standard rims? Mine are always losing pressure down to about 20psi fr and 25psi in the rear. I pump them up and a week later they are back about the same, I am sure its the inner tubes. Should I use a 250x21 on the front or 275x21 , I...