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  1. Mice in the airbox!!!!!

    Not mine and I can't speak German to well but looks like this guy has problems with mice nesting in his VTR airbox!!!!:( VTR 1000 F BJ 98 nur 110 km mit Vollem Tank ??? - ..:dieVTRcommunity:..
  2. Hello everybods.

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    New to forum, new to A/T's, not at all new to biking (24 years on the road, 10 years off road before that). Im the new owner of the rotten rd04 that went on ebay saturday. Last on road 2001 (so says tax disk), and looks like it been at the bottom of a river since! But, as the mice on bagpuss...
  3. New Logo Competition

    Hi all. It's time to sharpen your pencils and get your mice moving because I'd like a new logo / banner for the XRV site.... to replace this one...... The brief is as follows: To replace the picture of the Africa Twin with a more inclusive logo / banner that reflects not only the AT heritage...
  4. How to build your own Crank shaft

    Been trawling for info on the BSA A10 Forum, as I am considering evicting the mice from mine and fetteling it :-) spotted this may be usefull :thumbup:
  5. Heated Grips

    With the colder nights ( and days ) approaching, my husband talked me into fitting some Oxford heated grips. He'll fit them sometime today. Has anyone fitted these before ? and is it worth it ? Kev had them as standard on his BMW K1100 and he swore by them, but I've never used them before...