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  1. Cam chain tensioner tool 07973-MG30001/or 02/or 03

    Anyone got one of these tools I can borrow? They're £48 to buy and I'll only use it once probably. I will copy it at work and make a few so they'll be plenty to share around. I'll post it back to the lender straight away. Cheers Mick
  2. Happy birthday Micksylver

    Happy birthday, Mick. Hope you have a great day. :occasion5::occasion4::occasion6:
  3. T/a 700 k&n air filter

    Thinking of sticking a k&n filter on my ta 700 , anyone else fitted one ? i allready have a fuel exhaust fitted so will changeing the filter affect it much ? cheers mick
  4. Happy Birthday Micksylver!

    Happy Birthday Mick! Hope you have a lovely day. :occasion5::occasion4::occasion6:
  5. Which plug spanner ...

    Africa Twin
    As i can say im not quite the 100% but who is :toothy10: can someone point me in the right direction for a plug spanner to get the n/s one out :banghead: I went and brought one from Mick Berrill in Npton he use to be a Honda dealer and nope ! ive got a few at home and nope ! anyone with any...
  6. Mick Extance adds Trial days

    Dakar rider Mick Extance has introduced Trials Experience Days to add to the Enduro and Motocross experiences already offered by his Honda backed off-road biking experience in the Peak District. Honda says trials riding is the most popular motorcycle sport in the UK, with more competitive...
  7. Mick Extance and Dakar 2011

    Competitions / Trials
    a few keen eyed people I know noticed that Micks bike was sold on ebay eariler this year with the line ... 'no longer required' dropped in th e text! well i can now give you a hint why. Today at the World Travel Market show at londons ExCeL Rally4Life should have given a press conference ( I...