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  1. My first car crash

    Popped off to the post office thisafternoon, and stopped at some traffic lights - then screeeeeech and bang clatter clunk :twisted: Some dozy old codger skidded straight into the back of me from about 30 mph :shock: Gave my pea brain a right good rattle in my noggin and given me a headache...
  2. Hey Modrover...

    Africa Twin
    With a little more effort your bike could look this good. Doesn't look too bad from a distance, does it? It helps that they're a bit out of focus too. The sticker sums it up really. A seamless repair to the bodywork following bouncing it off a Micra. I only taped it up to stop if...
  3. RD04 Front end - me want one

    Africa Twin
    Anyone on here got a complete front end to sell? Looking to graft one onto my RD03 after the original was 'modified' by a friendly Micra driver. Double the disks must be an improvement. Ta