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  1. Oil Strainer in Frame?

    Dominator / FMX
    On the XR650 forums they talk of cleaning the oil strainer in the bottom of the frame tank. I can't see any mention of it on the microfiche - is there one on the vigor / SLR?
  2. RD04 carburettor - Am I missing a part???

    Africa Twin
    Took apart my carbs (1992 RD04) to clean them and a very unpleasant surprise, one of them is missing a part. I don't know what it is, don't see it in microfiche so help please.
  3. To Fernando Sanclemente (MicroFiche for TA and AT)

    Africa Twin
    Hi. Use parts honda motorcycles accessories spares replacement oem aftermarket There You will find all sorts of MicroFiches 4 our beloved machines! /Kjell
  4. at part numbers aand microfiche

    Africa Twin
    hi and i know im probably gonna cop for it for asking this but ive looked and looked on the new site and i cant find it so im just going to ask and apologies for doing so but has the link to the africa twin exploded parts with part numbers thingy disappeared. If it has and anyone is able to put...
  5. Microfiche / Service Manual for AT

    Africa Twin
    Seeing Sohoeasy again today reminded me that he gave me a CD containing 1) Honda Common Motorcycle Service Manual 2) Honda XRV750 Africa Twin (87-02) Service Manual 3) Honda XRV750 Africa Twin Maintenance Schedule 4) Honda XRV750 Africa Twin Microfiche as well as some other stuff about the...
  6. Microfiche & PDF parts book.....for AT

    Africa Twin
    Gents, Heard mention of the two fabled creatures above in "Will it hold?". Any chance of an web address or whatnot for them? Are they free? Would help in sealing a knowledge gap I have over here in the Far East, that my Haynes doesn't cover very well. Appreciated,
  7. Online microfiche

    Dominator / FMX
    Hope this is useful - online microfich for US 1988 Dominator and others :D you have to select OEM parts in main panel. Then year of bike,make of bike and model. Ant
  8. Africa Twin Microfiche

    Africa Twin
    Hi, can anyone help me source an Microfiche for an RD07.. (mines a 2000) I begrudge spenging £5-7 for someguy to post me a copy off ebay. Cheers ,guys