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  1. Hi New member! XRV750 RD07

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello everybody, My name is Stewart, I have just bought my first Africa Twin, a 1994 model. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am split between Mid Wales and Wiltshire at the moment, and I am looking to get away across to Germany in the next few weeks if work allows it! Thanks
  2. Wanted: Transalp 650 screen

    For Sale / Wanted
    Of all the bleedin' Transalp screens I've had over the years and then modified/wrecked/sold/given away.... Anyway, what have you got laid about in the garage, needs to be mid/dark tint and decent condition. Phil Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  3. AT RD07 neutral switch

    Africa Twin
    Hi whenever changing the neutral switch beside the sprocket ,whenever unscrewed and taken out does the oil flow out or can this be done mid trip if I needed to . The reason I ask is I think mine is beginning to act up and i have ordered one which should arrive tomorrow ,but I ,m away on...
  4. For Sale: MSR Whisperlite Stove with extras

    For Sale / Wanted
    Now sold
  5. For Sale: Honda Africa Twin XRV750 Main Output Shaft (used)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Main output shaft to fit Honda XRV750. Removed from 1995 RD07 model but may fit others also. Please check before purchase. Replaced as part of a full engine overhaul before a big trip (hence lots of mid-life components replaced), but plenty of life left. Replaced with part number...
  6. Rugged Roads 10% Discount On Everything

    Valid until midnight on Monday - we are having a bit of a sale. 10% DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING IN OUR SHOP FOR THE BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND No codes, just place your order and the discount will be applied during the payment process. Everything is in stock, so no long waiting times.
  7. Hi folks, from Devon

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello everyone, My name is Tom. I live in mid devon and run a small timber yard. Been riding bikes on and off since I was 16, all sorts, latterly 350cc singles and then a KLR650 which I liked a hell of a lot less than the previous two Yamaha derivatives. Anyway. Been fancying a transalp for...
  8. RD04 has landed

    Africa Twin
    Bidding stopped at £1650 on fleabay I stumped up £1850 at 46k miles. Every woman I know has laughed at the photo's and mentioned either Barbie or Jem and The Hologrammes. They are mostly mid 30's. it is 'Bold' but I quite like it. It seems sound, runs perfectly, starts on the button, handles...
  9. Wanted: RD04 'Tallish' Windscreen Wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anybody got a touring screen for the RD04 laying around? My current screen is quite low, so there's lots of wind buffeting which is a pain. Not really looking for the very high type but something mid range would be great. Cheers Ysbyty
  10. Bike Trip 2015- anyone free??!

    OK people back on grid and musing over the idea of a trip- with people I dont! Sniper will be putting in an appearance-he will have a passport by then! What I'm looking for- 1.People happy to be filmed- it will be again released on Youtube 2.People prepared to have a go at...
  11. Spain

    A lovely track from our campsite to the Spanish Coastal town of Peniscola, yes and it is pronounced peeniscola. 20 kilometres in the mid 20's. Perfect. Oh and that's the wife, not me. Yes I know it's a Honda but the bike you cannot see is an XT 350
  12. E Bike crashed-dead? -Whealie

    E Bike site has been down for a week now with only a phone number shown. Replies on ABR suggest the site has been hacked. My bikes still register as insured on the MID site( ) so I assume they still operating. A few bits of the E insurance empire appear to be more...
  13. What size Air Hawk for an XR or DRZ?

    Mechanical Advice
    This might be a daft question to some, but what size Air Hawk is correct for mid sized trail bikes? The reason that I ask is that most that I've seen are based on GS's or Cruisers as a benchmark. Thanks in advance.
  14. Africa twin 750 / HP question

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone !! I have had a couple of XR605R's before..... now I would like to build a Africa twin Supermotard. I know that gas flowing the ports will increase a few horses, as well as replacing the carb with a webber or similar. Are there any worthwhile mods I can do for extra low to mid...
  15. Mid week ride onto Mid Wales

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Looks like I will be able to sneak off for a ride this Tues/Wed and I fancy a mixed road/trail ride, heading from Telford out towards Bala on and off road. I'd be delighted to have company, many lanes are new to me in the sense that it is donkeys years since I ride them so may be a quite a few...
  16. KTM 990 Adventure

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Well I finally bought one :thumbup: This is the bike the Honda AT should have become. Owned for 4 weeks now and LOVE it. Just a bit hesitant in mid throttle on occasions ( common problem) BUT GREAT And Suzi loves the comfort of the Gel seat :thumbup:
  17. Screen recommendations?

    Africa Twin
    In the coming future I will be looking to replace my standard screen on my RD07a,i don't think I'm going to be a round the world trip but would like something to stop some of the buffeting at 70-80 mph.My 955i Tiger has one of those expensive(£200) Palmer ones fitted by the previous owner and is...
  18. Classic OffRoad Show

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone going to be in Telford this coming weekend? Not been before myself which is a shame as it's only a few miles up the road, but I am hoping to get there this time and maybe also have a chat with the new Shropshire Group TRF guys, especially as I was an active member...
  19. torque wrench recommendations

    i need to replace my old torque wrench so can anyone recommend a mid priced, 3/8 drive suitable for motorbikes bearing in mind it will only be used occasionally and for the usual routine stuff. my old one came from machine mart and served me well so it doesnt have to be a snap-on or anything...
  20. Why is it...

    Why is it that I run into ALL the student drivers and pensioners in the area on the one night when I'm nursing the bike home on a one-strand clutch cable that won't quite disengage the clutch anymore? Never ceases to amaze me how spooked some people seem to get from something as simple as a...