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  1. Wanted: XR400 Gaskets

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I'm probably in the wrong section but I'm rebuilding a 2000 XR400 and i need a generator gasket and a clutch cover gasket any ideas where i can get these anyone please? i live in Tamworth in the Midlands UK cheers.
  2. For Sale: Front tyre for RD04 (Africa Twin)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Front tyre for sale: £10:00 Not new but has plenty life left in it. Can post but would prefer collection (CV10 Midlands area Regards Oxbone mailto:[email protected]
  3. XL600R engine parts

    I have a bottom end for a XL600R, it the red magnesium casing complete with crank and con-rod. Also have two pairs of cylinders and a complete set of dellorto carbs (two together) and wish to sell them off. WOuld rather offer them to the community instead of eBay. Will accept a reasonable offer...
  4. Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Miada Vale, W London

    Mechanical Advice
    Electrical charging issue - Help needed by novice in Guildford Earlier this week, my nephew Sam purchased from a guy in West Midlands, what was my old Transalp 650 but after checking it over and it flying through the MOT, the bike stopped on the M1 on the way back to London from Shropshire...
  5. Sunday Lunch

    Any Uk Midlanders have recommendations for a good Sunday Pub Lunch destination in the Nottingham, Midlands area ? Yours, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding fancyingly ©-©
  6. The Next One ?

    Girlfriend is entirely, comfortably, happy with pillioning about on the 650 Transalp … … that we’ve done a few laps of Sicily upon. But, Transalp 650, two-up with luggage, will take its own sweet time on the tedious motorways, autoroutes … … and autostradas between the interesting...
  7. Erratic......

    Africa Twin
    Have had nothing but problems with the AT for the last few weeks, running rich backfire on start up. Carbs off & cleaned all seemed fine, weekend away with some friends in the lakes & nothing but problems. Idle speed going from 1-3000 rpm and cutting out on the trails not good when coming down...
  8. Newbie saying hi.

    Just like to say hi to everyone. My name is andy living in the stourbridge west midlands area. Riding a xl 650 vy which i love. Looking forward to getting involved with the forum which i was told about by a friend who owns an africa twin. Owned different bike and ridden for 30 years and almost...
  9. Seat

    Africa Twin
    Where can I get my seat sorted out Maybe lowered a little and made more comfy. I'm in the midlands
  10. New from the midlands

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, just joined seeking some info for an informed choice of cheap trailies to buy for the impending onslaught of winter as the Pan is a big beast to negotiate on icy roads. I started off my bike history some 20 odd years ago on an XT125 but that was the only trailie I have ever had. Spend the...
  11. Buggered rim!

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I stuffed my Vara's front wheel into a pothole last weekend on Austins Adventure in Galloway. :( It now needs a biggish ding taking out of the rim and then having a replacement tyre fitted. Any recommendations for the wheel job please, preferably in the West Midlands so I can drop it off??
  12. Cumbria 20/21/22 September 2013

    There's another event that you guys will like methinks. It's a launch event at that. Have a look at this link - Haggs Bank Not only is it a spot on place but there's some rather interesting things happening too! :thumbleft: I'm really ticked that Birgit and I can't make it - we'll be out of the...
  13. 650 experts to answer re loose pipes and what they're for?

    been following this thread and interested to know what pipes he discovered coming from the carb inlets would be ? I've never owned a transalp but am just intrigued . apologies if it's obvious but It's niggling me !
  14. CRF250L - which dealer has a test bike in midlands....struggling to find one anywhere

    CRF - New Forum!
    As the title says, does anyone know where there is a bike around to test ride....they all want to sell you one but don't seem to have one available to test !!
  15. Good beer, happy man...

    One of the joys in my life now that the Rugby season is upon us again, is toddling across to the East Midlands to Welford Rd to watch the mighty Tigers take on all and sundry, and quite often beat them! Nobody mention Saints as it REALLY upsets the Northants supporters... The other joy is...
  16. South Oxfordshire

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Guys and Galls, Can anyone tell me which group serves the South Oxfordshire region as different people have different views on what region they are in. IE is South Oxfordshire - South, South east, South Midlands, Chilterns, Thames Valley etc. All these could apply, so please, which one do I fit...
  17. bike4 life summer ride out 2012 midlands july 1st solihull rugby club/ raf cosford

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    sunday 1st july ,,, solihul rugby club to raf cosford , usually over 1000 attend so its a great event and for a good cause too ,,,,,,,,,,,, Bike 4 Life 2012 | Supporting Us | Midlands Air Ambulance mate of mine runs the caff , just off the base next to the railway stn at cosford so if you...
  18. One for the Mancunians... Hunt's?

    Looking at new bike and Hunt's in Manchester have a couple of machines in stock and also a test bike this weekend. No one else seems to have the Integra yet in the Midlands, so I may well pop up and get a test ride on Sunday as daughter2 is due back at Uni.... Of course I am happy to drive 70...
  19. xl185

    Hi newbie to site so please go gentle on me! Have a xl185 which is an on going project, its basically a pile of pieces at the moment. Have a xl125 engine and a set of xl185 cases, also have a xl185 crank that needs rebuilding as the big end has loads of play and a barrel that needs reboring...
  20. For Sale: Corbin Seat For RD07a

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have surplus to requirements a used Corbin seat for a RD07a, probably fit 07? It is used with a few nicks, scuffs & a couple of rubber grommets worn, nothing rendering it unserviseable. It would be ideal for someone two-up touring as the seat is 30-45mm wider than a standard seat. I would...