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  1. Welding a fuel tank...

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I am in the process of cutting out the bottom of a fuel tank to fit over the top rail of my NX650.. as you do :) Once I have fabricated the new pieces, it will require stitching / welding.. I can mig, tig, arc, to a suitable standard but I feel mig or tig will give me to much...
  2. mig Exhaust AT RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a louder exhaust and I saw a used MIG exhaust online. Would anyone know if it's a good one? He has fitted a home made silencer in because it was to loud but I'll decide that when I buy it. Do I need to make any adjustments on the carbs (tuning/replace jets, etc)? I don't...
  3. Which type of welder

    Dominator / FMX
    I have got my next door neighbour coming round to weld my frame loop in place today :wav: Now he claims to be be a qualified smed....(danish for blacksmith) so I hope he knows what he is doing. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:. I got my hands on a mig welding set and he said he has a tig welder he...
  4. For Sale: SIEGEN mini mig 130 welder

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bought last year for a few small jobs and been sat in garage since, comes with hand held mask, regulator and spare spool of wire, just need gas and your ready to go. Collection preffered but could package up for courier to collect, (cost about £20) £100
  5. For Sale: Kemppi mini system welding set. Mig Tig and MMa

    For Sale / Wanted
    Kemppi Minisystem welding station Model # MP2400 This versatile set does MMA(stick) Tig and Mig. 240 amps 3 phase 415 volts ac Complete with mig gun, tig torch and stick electrode holder. I have used the stick and mig sets and they are both working fine. I have not used the Tig unit for...
  6. Welding equipment

    Okay, let's stay away from gas for the second. Often thought about getting a welder, but money and model and lack of knowledge conspire. So, what is the cheapest but good one to buy? Do I want TIG, MIG etc. Now I believe one type isn't good for sheet work, but what I want it for is normal bike...
  7. Project BOUSER 35

    Bodgers Corner
    So here goes... Step 1 take an old RD03 tank A hacksaw and lots of blades!!! Remove both sides and add an extra 30mm each side to make it the same size as a Marathon tank!! Now just need to invest in some 1 to 1.5mm steel sheet, get the gilboes out and start cutting the infill pieces...
  8. faulty clarke mig welder - c02 escaping from trigger

    Mechanical Advice
    my trustee mig welder has developed a fault - c02 comes straight out of the trigger and not as it should (when the trigger is pressed) – i can stop this by turning the bottle off – but it’s just not good not tried getting into it for a good look(opening a can of worms), but anyone have any...
  9. Stolen thread

    in this ebay link you willl see the details of weavers stolen escort if anyone can help him please do merv
  10. Wanted: Mig welder

    For Sale / Wanted
    WANTED, MIG WELDER. Well it may be worth a try, I am after a Mig welder, maybe you have one or know someone who has one not being used anymore, it must be a 240V single phase, 130Amp minimum with both gas and gasless options. Cash waiting for good clean working welder, will pay for shipping or...
  11. How to prep ally for TIG welding? (or is it MIG, me forgets)

    Bodgers Corner
    Given that the hurdles are coming up faster than I can jump them when prepping my Ural for Siberia, I'd be mad to give my self another to contend with, wouldn't I? It seems that my grand schemes to mount two jerry cans around the back are coming to nought so maybe I should make my own, ally...
  12. Aldi Mig welder

    Discounts / Deals
    Aldi have a gasless MIG welder up this Thursday, 99 quid which is a good deal when you consider the 3yr warranty and also the usual high qualiity of their specials. One for those with a spot of light welding to do? :)