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  1. Mileages

    I took my Tiger in for its MoT yesterday. It passed easily, but the tester remarked that he didn't see many that had covered as many miles between MoTs as I had. The Tiger had done 10,500 miles since mid-August last year. But that's not my only bike. I only bought my Africa Twin in November and...
  2. Record mileages for the Transalp

    Hi Guys, What are the record mileages for the Transalp without any major engine overhauls on this forum? Ones that you've done or know for sure and not urban legends? I have a friend who claims he made 100,000 miles on his Transalp without even changing the clutch. Is that realistic? BTW: Hi...
  3. Xr Mileages

    hello there. I'm new to all this sort of thing and i'm planning to buy an xr 400 or 650 and ride it as a supermoto. so i'd like to pick some informed brains. The bike ill be second hand and i was wondering what sort of mileage these bikes will do? should i be hanging on for a really low...
  4. Tourance Mileages

    Hi everyone. On a social visit to the guys that put me through my direct access, I had a nosy round their bikes. They are all bm's 1150/1200 gs's. Now I know they do a shedload of mileage, and probably dont get to do much hard riding though when they do the marks on the boot protectors show...