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  1. Faulty mileometer

    Hi does anyone know how to repair the mileometer on my 98 Transalp, the speedo works perfectly but the mileometer doesn't. I have replaced the complete instrument panel with one I bought off e bay but that one doesn't work either. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. First day, first problem - Speedo died!

    Africa Twin
    Passed my test this morning wohoo!:blob7: Now the bad news. Set off this afternoon in the sunshine to get MOT done and speedo was acting strangely. Up to 30 or 40 mph it appeared to register as normal and worked ok, but above about 50mph the needle would start to fluctuate a lot and would...
  3. XL650V fuel leak

    Hi all - newbie here ! I've had my TA since 2006 and much as you would expect of a Honda it's never missed a beat .... until now. And it's got me a bit puzzled. In the last couple of months I seem to have been getting through a lot more petrol than is reflected in the mileage. I'm aware of the...
  4. Mid Wales Optimist

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took the Vara out to Wales today and popped nearly 250 miles on the mileometer somehow :) Good to get off the farm at last.... I dropped some stuff of with a guy near Aberystwyth and then went off down to Tregaron before doing the Abergwesyn mountain road. Gorgeous up there!! Those of you who...
  5. XR 125 2003 Questions

    Hello Just got myself a XR 125 L-3 :cool: (my first motorbike) it has been used off road for two years and I plan to put it back on the road. I have one pair of indicators think there the back ones. Will I also need the front indicators to pass its MOT? I want to get a tail tidy for the back...
  6. Rollover Rideout

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today was a special day. Nice and sunny, bit cold too. I wheeled the ol***8217; rusting greasy lump out of the garage and fired her up. Headed off across town and out the other side. I rode through the small village of Rayne and onto the back roads to Duckend Green. The sun was still low and a...
  7. Smaller wheel Transalp XL650V

    Can anyone please help? Due to being short in the leg, I am thinking of fitting a 19" or even 17" front wheel in place of the 21" front wheel that is standard. Would this affect both the speedo and/or mileometer readings? If this occurs how do I solve the problem i.e. different speedo drive...