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  1. Transalp
    Hi, Would anyone (preferably in the UK) have a straight headlamp/fairing sub frame they may be interested in selling? (Picture attached.) Don't mind if it's rusty and in need of painting as long as it's not bent. If so, please send me a message with how much you'd like for it posted to Surrey...
  2. Transalp
    OK, Mine's a 2006 & I don't need one just yet, but looking at the rust / oxidation on it I wouldn't mind having one for when the inevitable rot happens Any ideas what i could replace it with ? Ta
  3. Africa Twin
    I don't! This is a Q? I have in my mind since the CRF1000 first came out. It's not that it's not a good bike on its own, it's just that it's a CRF with some Africa Twin stickers/livery. :rolleyes: Cheers.
  4. Africa Twin
    Trip Master works well until.. I put the lights on.. Anyone has any thoughts on the above problem? Even the parking light sets the Tripmaster dead until I put the lights off again.. it comes back to life after a couple of seconds.. Mind boggling.. I even removed all bulbs to understand if it...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi there, Does anybody got a spare reinforced sprocket and wouldn´t mind to sale it? Tried to contact Stefter the french guy who make them with no success...and also the waiting list seems to be a mile long. My countershaft is too knackered to carry on using the bike! Thanks in advance!
  6. XL
    Hi all, really struggling to find a set of exhaust flanges and collars for my XL500s, have however found a set for the XBR500, does anybody know if they will fit my XL, don't mind making any slight modifications. Cheers
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, i am in need for a set of xr600r legs. Desired are 1991-1992. i have a set yet the aluminium "cups" are really, really beaten up and i wold like to have them match the rest of the bike I lost some bids on ebay cause Scrooge I'm, and now i made my mind that i want some nice looking legs...
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I'm after a few old chain links to go in my 'toolkit' to take with me on my planned big trip, just in case. I can't seem to find any without having to buy a whole chain! Does anyone have a few links that they wouldn't mind sending me? Old/used is fine, they will only be used if my...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi hope you guys can help me i am after an xl500 lump don't mind the condition just prefer it is complete but beggers and all that take what you have
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    Am looking for a front brake caliper for a XL600 LMF. Have measured the bracket holes and they are 110 mm center to center. I have measured off my Transalp and reckon a transalp 600 caliper may well fit it. Don't want to start taking the Transalp apart to check. If anyone has one lying about I...
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    hi guys im after a wheel for my dominator build, ideally it would be a slr or fmx wheel dont mind 19 or 17 or even a spare rear wheel that i could use the rim from
  12. Africa Twin
    The Honda ones are made of butter, and are severely mangled. I don't want to replace them with the same, as they will go the same way. Getting these undone are the most stressful part of tank removal (close second to the pathetically located petrol tap). Wondered if anyone had found...
  13. Africa Twin
    i am looking at a xrv rd07 over the weekend...i dont mind deep cleening..not so keen on touching up blistered or oxidised engine cases...certainly dont want any deep engine with this in mind i would appreciate any tips on what i should be looking for,,i think i understand the...
  14. Africa Twin
    Seen a TV trailer for MacGyver and he is landing a small jump on a motorbike It's a very short clip and out of focus Can't make my mind up on what it is, early TA painted up as an AT, an AT, or an NX350 Has a square headlight, painted in RD03 type AT colours
  15. Product Reviews
    Consedering buying Abus RS1 and a old test came to mind, something I did a couple of years ago. Want RS1 because of less weight but I think they are similar otherwise = someone might find it useful.
  16. Africa Twin
    The reason we all love the AT is because if the bike that it is and the experiences that the bike has given us, but every one wetting themselves over a bike that isn't an AT, that they have not seen, nor ridden and don't even know the specs of, but because Mr Honda has given it the same name...
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    I have just got rid of my Kawasaki Zephyr 500 and I am looking for my next bike. I have several bikes in mind and am looking for suggestions in the 500cc to 600cc single or twin. The bikes on my list are. Honda XL500/600R Honda XBR500....................cant afford the GB500 clubman. NTV 650...
  18. Transalp
    18,000 miles looks like more! possible oil leak? might be a bargain if you don't mind a bit of work? HONDA TRANSALP 600 | eBay
  19. Africa Twin
    For last couple years my head was melting ....:mad: indicators have mind of there owen ! Flashing to fast or slow sometime just stay on or wouldn't work at all and effect headlights... cleaned relay still same , so got cheap relay of fleabay now everyone can see where I'm going :D no more abuse ...
  20. Varadero
    My Vara 1000va-5 has almost reached 16000 miles and will be soon due the next service. The local bike shop CMC Motorcycles in Derbyshire are asking €482.97 (£350) to do the job, is this a fair amount for all the work involved bearing in mind it is a major service, or would it be better to look...
1-20 of 81 Results