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  1. End of an era [emoji20]

    Today I had a drive up to Wigan and sealed the deal to part exchange my 700 Transalp for a nice and shiny, nearly new 650 V Strom. Ive had the Alp for nigh on 5 years and have loved every minute of my time with it. However over the last few months Ive been thinking that its maybe time to let the...
  2. CT90 - General Info required

    Other Honda
    Hi, I've just won this ebay auction for a CT90 needing a bit of work. I'm after peoples thoughts on if they think it's a good deal, and anything I should check when I go to collect? It was a bit of a last minute impulse buy. Thanks in advance, Rob
  3. Rev counter question

    On the 600 transalp it says on the rev counter X 1000/min - 1 I.e. To the power of minus 1 Why does it say that? Surely it should just say x 1000/min? Ie when the needle is at 4, that means the engine is doing 4000 revs per minute If you raise the revs or the minutes to the power of...
  4. rd04, starts + runs fine for 2mins. sputters, dies. starts-idles...ish, then goes.

    Africa Twin
    ridden daily, as often as possible. tank brimmed until 2nd fuel light appears (every 4/5 days) until recently. last week started her up, set-off, 2mins down the road she coasted to a halt. waited a min before re-starting, happy on tick-over but wouldn't be rushed into higher rev range for a...
  5. For Sale: Motorcycle lift

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sold Draper 360 kgs lift only used few times here is link not at home to take pics at minute £375 Ono Draper Workshop 360kg Heavy Duty Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle / Bike Lift - 37058
  6. The Dreaded CDI

    Hi Lads I fear that im having CDI issues with my 96 reg 600 alp. She is stuck in the shed at the minute until i find a replacement. My CDI seems to be the single type but it seems harder to locate a spare. Why do some of them have two separate CDI's instead of a single one. Any help appreciated.
  7. Last minute storage prep

    Africa Twin
    Curious as to what last minute stuff may hel with long term bike storage again. Leave in 2 days for Europe for 3 years. I was going to fog the cylinders maybe? What should I use? I have drained tank and let air out for the last 6 weeks or so, brake fluid fairly fresh. Forgot to change oil last...
  8. High revs on full choke

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I've recentely got myself a 1997 Africa Twin, which had been standing still for about 3 years but would start fine. I brough it over to the garage to have it checked and 'refreshed' - but now everytime I start the bike up with the choke fully engaged it revs to about 4000 rpm. It...
  9. 2006 XR125L keeps cutting out

    Got a freinds 2006 XR125L keeps cutting out hot or cold sometimes it will restart sometimes not. Yesterday I removed the carb took all the jets and airscrew out then 8 mins in my ultrasonic cleaner Put it all back together air screw 2 turns out it still cuts out I had it running at about 2000...
  10. new member.

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, joined yesterday bought a rd07a sunday from brighton way road back to cardiff, loved every minute off it. 3 mates in s wales own them so i had to join. look forward to using the site and meeting up sometime. cheers rob
  11. Time for lift off.

    Dominator / FMX
    This is now on the terrace. There is fuel in the tank but the battery only lasted about a minute but at least we got a backfire. The battery is now on charge. Do I need to alter the standard carb settings after putting bigger jets in for the free flowing carb It started after a bit of faffing...
  12. FX Post Oil Change Ritual

    Dominator / FMX
    I just performed an oil change on the FX650 Drained out of the frame, crank case and filter housing. I put exactly 2.15L of oil in (10 minute interval inbetween) Bolted everything back up and checked the oil level, it is almost the entire length of the dipstick I'm aware the oil check ritual...
  13. There aint nothing sweeter than riding in the rain

    I took on for a ride yesterday and after about a mile it started to rain I knew it was going to turn into a down pour so I stopped up whipped out the 2 piece wet suit out of the top box and stuck it on . it belted down as I got geared up so I just stood there and let the heaviest of it pass...
  14. Dies after a minute ... then starts after a little break

    Sorry guys ... not the right place on the TA forum I know (although I've still got her ;)) ... the problem is with my daughters scooter. Driving me nuts it is ... starts ok, runs for a minute, then dies a slow death. Wait a minute or so, and repeat the process. Anyone know of a website with all...
  15. Bike Cams

    Bike videos will never be the same again! Imagine a 20 minute ride with this following you! :p I think I want one
  16. South Wales

    Last minute decision for next weekend, myself and a mate have decided to do a visit to South West Wales. Any suggestions for accommodation, drinks etc, staying only 2 nights, maybe someone has done a ride there recently. Thanks
  17. What did you do on your bike today?

    Pinched this off another site where it went mega, and was wondering how it would work on here?? So come on. What did you do on your bike today?? (Appologies if it has been tried before, I couldn't be bothered to trail through 500 odd pages looking for something similar) :blob8: Me? I rode...
  18. For Sale: Transalp 600 centre stand and crash guards BRAND NEW

    For Sale / Wanted
    I was buying a Transalp which unfortunately fell through right at last minute. Bought these at same time so they are brand new and unused Wimoto centre stand cost £94 Givi engine crash bars cost £71 Both off transalp 600 89-99 Looking for £100 the pair, pref pick up from Yorkshire but send me...
  19. Service manual. Where to get one?

    Dominator / FMX
    The header says it all really! So the new Dommie is awesome and I am loving every minute on it. However in my quest for complete independence from dealers I need a service manual. I can't find a Haynes one for the NX650, although I suspect the XR650 is similar. Does anyone know where to get a...
  20. Where is the best place to find spare parts for xl1000 varadero

    Looked all over eBay not much goes on there for the varadero xl1000.. At the minute I'm after a side stand if any ones has one it's a 2001 model thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk