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  1. Pulse Sender / Generator Replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone got some tips etc on best way to replace the Pulse Sender please ? Mines playing up more often now, wouldn't start after filling her up for ten minutes today, which its never done before :rolleyes: I already have one, had a feeling it would need it sooner or later after reading...
  2. Clicking noise from enginr

    Africa Twin
    Hello co-africans i have a problem. When mybike is on neutral and only on neutral and only when its cold and I pull the throttle I hear a clicking noise coming from the bottom right of the engine It stops after 10 minutes when the bike is better warmed. Should i worry cause i am frightened as a...
  3. Faulty fuel relay switch?

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, I've had my AT RD07A for a couple of months now and occasionally it stalls whilst riding. I can usually get it going again after a couple of minutes. This happens about every 100 miles or so. I've been advised that it might be a faulty fuel cut off relay rather than the pump itself...
  4. Starting problem XLV700

    Hi ,my bike is from 2008 with 93000km. The last years i have sometimes that it won't start after standing still for about 30 minutes. It nevers occur after short stops like refueling or quick shop visit. Only after longer rides and certainly in the warmer months like spring and summer. So far i...
  5. Exhaust stain and heat mark remover

    Mechanical Advice
    If you want a cheap way of removing heat marks and road residue and muck..... Just rub some of this on your exhaust with a brush, leave for 10 minutes and then give it a scrub and hose off with cold water. Works superb on my varadero 1000 exhaust. Only good on stainless exhausts though. Sent...
  6. Motorcycle traveling preferences - C2WG Survey

    The Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project is going further and we need your help!!! We want to know your preferences when it comes to traveling on a motorcycle. The questions from the form below will help us to improve our future products in such a way they will answer your every need. Please...
  7. RD04 headlamp bulb change

    Africa Twin
    Dip beam on the right head lamp has failed. main is ok and both filaments on the left are fine. is a bulb change as simple as pop the screen off, undo four bolts and remove the front fairing, or is it remove the side panel and dislocate your wrist to do it? Mr Haynes is blody useless o this...
  8. The "What I bought today" thread

    Africa Twin
    Searched but didn't find any thread about this, sure there is the "Product Reviews" but.. well it's easier to tell what you bought than to do a review :blob8: Rules? Not really, if you bought the product today, last week, month or year doesn't really matters. Sure, it's an advantage if you...
  9. My new project?

    I was thinking about what I want to do next after my Dommie project is done. I was having a beer and watching the first episode of the new series of the walking dead and noticed that the feller with the crossbow has got himself a new bike. A few minutes on the interweb revealed this. Rolling...
  10. Transalp 700 will not start after the break

    Hello everyone, I'm on the road and appeared to be less of a problem? Transalp 700 after a short break will not start,when i gave him throttle start up ... or if wait about 20 minutes start normal. I apologize for the bad language
  11. Another tripmeter problem!!

    Africa Twin
    Just recently the tripmeter on my 2002 AT has been playing up. The figures for the clock and each of the trips appear in black on the screen and change, as expected, with time and distance. However behind and alongside the black figures fainter images of "8"s have appeared and won't go away...
  12. strange idle !

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I 've an Rd04 with an intermittent idle fault. She starts and runs incredibly well but when the bike sits and idle's once it's warm about every 2 -3 minutes it misses a beat or stalls. I've messed around with the idle but doesn't seems to make any difference. Anyone with any ideas ...
  13. Hello

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hello Gents/ladies Just thought i would introduce myself as a new member. I bought my CRF250L six weeks ago after having both hips replaced and not being able to get on my VFR, and can honestly say i have not had so much fun (on a bike) before!. Luckily I'm only 15 minutes from Salisbury plains...
  14. Your help needed

    We are starting a new business, motorcycle tours in Greece.. we have compiled a questionnaire to ensure that we are offering the service you want.. If you have 5 minutes and are feeling good please leave your email address so I can forward it.. Thank you in advance.. Victoria.
  15. Insurance renewal....worth a few minutes on the phone!

    Just in case it may be useful to other people, my renewal note came through the post as my cover is due to expire in a couple of days. Picked up the phone to see if that was the best price they could do (AVIVA) after going though all the details, they managed to bring the premium down by about...
  16. A Canadian on a French RD03 in France, Spain, Italy and Tunisia.

    Teaser pictures from the ride reports that follows. Some action here. Excuse me for the dust on the lens starting at around 10 minutes :
  17. Pannier Question

    I have an original Honda Pannier Rack and Panniers fitted to the TA when I bought it, they are ok but not particularly big. I also have a set of Givi 41 Monokey Panniers and I just wondered if anyone had replaced the originals with a Givi Pannier Rack and if so, what were the advantages and...
  18. Transalp ABS 2008 starting problems.

    Hello all. I've owned this bike since new and have 45,000 km up so far. I love it and am pleased with it's ease of use and reliability, with one exception. About twice a year on average, and this has been going on ever since new,- the bike will not start. The motor spins over ok but will only...
  19. Nottingham to Geneva travel time.

    Meeting Girlfriend flying in on Saturday afternoon aeroplane, wondering how long will it take me to travel by Transalp from Nottingham to Geneva, to be at the aerodrome to collect her on time ? Google Earth tells me the distance is 698 miles, the journey time 11 hours and 26 minutes ...