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  1. RD08 Dommie & M-unit wiring

    Dominator / FMX
    Im just about to start wiring my dommie project. I have created a wiring diagram, and was hoping someone could give it a quick look over and give me feedback on any mistakes. Also thought it may be handy for other people to use, (if its correct)
  2. Sold my AT

    Africa Twin
    After a long search for KTM WP forks I ended up with 2 sets - 1 pair was attached to a very clean KTM 990 I sold the AT. Probably a mistake I know. Today, I bumped in to its' re-incarnation!
  3. CDI Wanted ASAP

    Hi Everyone I posted earlier that I needed a ECU.... Mistake I need a CDI for my Transalp 1999 if you have a spare please inbox me and we can have a chat. thanks al
  4. eBay: Icon mil spec high-viz motorcycle vest

    For Sale / Wanted
    (This is actually from AliExpress, not Ebay) Free Shipping ICON MIL SPEC MESH VEST YELLOW motorcycle motorbike bike racing high visibility reflective warning cloth vest on | Alibaba Group Comes in two sizes. Currently on offer for $27, shipping included. This vest would set you...
  5. Strange rock on Skye

    Took this last week Old man of Storr, near Portree :thumbup: Normally covered in mist, but not last week :D
  6. Mist of oil arounfd the filler cap.

    Africa Twin
    After a long motorway ride I have sotted a slight mist of oil around the filer cap, not a leak as such just a trace, I am guessing that there should be an O ring fitted in the recess that the filler cap/dipstick screws into. is there meant to be an O ring there?
  7. For Sale: Mitutoyo 500 digital caliper

    For Sale / Wanted
    Any engineer or mechanics out there? I have a Mitutoyo 500 digital caliper for sale. It is as new, in the original packaging still and only been used once or twice. They go for around £75 on Amazon, but don't mistake it for the cheap draper type, this is real quality. £45 plus £5 for...
  8. For Sale: XR 650 Wiseco Piston

    For Sale / Wanted
    Brand new Wiseco piston for a XR 650. Serial number 4562M10000. Brand new bought from the states by mistake. I was told it fitted my Dominator. I will take £100 or a set of standard NX 650 piston rings plus £40 Standard 100mm 8.7:1 compression
  9. Spelling Mistake.

    Screenshot (just in case they realise and correct it) from this article: Thousands line the streets for Baroness Thatcher's funeral procession with some camping overnight to get the best spot | Mail Online Can you spot the mistake? It's a name. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls...
  10. DAVID Beckham

    I'm not a fan of him or any other footballer but just seeing the news i think that a decent thing he's done, donating his salary to charity. The blokes already got more money than he'll ever spend to thats a nice thing to do. Good on him On the flip side seems the bankers are at it again...
  11. Helicopter crash in london

    Saw this on the news 20 mins ago, what a traggic accident. Appears an Augusta 109 hit a roof crane. Nothing confirmed yet appears low level fog / mist are the cause and question over whether the Nav lights were on, on the roof of the crane t know if the pilot saw it. Feel sorry for the pilot and...
  12. What the.......?

    Disabled man mistakenly left on Stagecoach bus parked overnight. Whatever next? 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  13. slice of Zebra anyone?

    Just been to pick up my daughters birthday cake and I think they gave me Whealies by mistake :)
  14. XL600 RMG (PD04) piston rings...

    Hiya Can anybody please tell me the order of the top 2 piston rings for this engine? One has a flat rectangular cross section while the other has chamfers on the top and bottom. I'm almost certain the top ring is the flat one and the chamfered one is the second, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd be...
  15. Returning AT owner!

    Africa Twin
    Used to have an AT that is now owned by Bolty, went a while without a bike when I moved to UAE for work... mistake. Got back and bought a blackbird but missed the AT fold too much. So I bought a 2001 X reg RD07A, 14K miles, very well looked after. Just gave it a full wash and ACF50'd all over...
  16. Replacement 650R rear disc

    Anyone know what other disc will fit on the rear of a xr650r? I bought one off ebay but its to small. Seller said they made a cock up and sent me a 650L one by mistake. Of course i don't really know whats its off i just have there word for it.
  17. Best barely road legal knobblya

    Just had fantastic day out on xr near Brecon with the local trf crew. I stupidly swapped my knobblys that came with the bike for metzeler enduro saharas which was a big mistake as I now realise that I will be mainly off road now (I am hooked!) I want to buy the most knobbly tyre I can get which...
  18. WP Forks steering lock

    Africa Twin
    Ok so have machine up new steering/ignition lock mount anyone have one made so i can eliminate mistakes when i am making it
  19. Heavy rain, where ?

    There is a weather warning for Sunday, Heavy Rain and strong winds, "where?", I hear you ask? :confused: The West coast of Scotland. :o Well, you would never belive it would you, in this sunny, hot, balmy, misty Isle of Skye. Rain and wind?;) (There was fresh snow on the tops (Applecross...
  20. where to start. . . . .

    Hi guys, im new to this whole forum thing so please forgive any mistakes. I really like the look of trail riding or 'green laning' but im rather unsure of quite where to begin. I won't be able to do it anytime soon as I only own a little 50cc at the moment and im sure it'll be quite impractical...