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  1. Misfires plug caps and broken plugs on 700 transalp

    Hi Guys Had a misfire when warm on my 700, so a quick browse of the forum suggested new plug caps be required. So just changed - and while I was in there put new NGK Iridium plugs in too. Now this is my first time doing any maintenance on this bike, and noticed not one but both plus were...
  2. 2000 model carby - mixture adjustment screws

    Hi all I am having trouble locating the idle mixture screws on my carbs. Can anyone help me out pls? The bike surges when cruising at low speeds in any gear and also misfires when you blip the throttle when gearing down. Nick
  3. Slr 650 pilot jets

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, been in the background of this forum for a while now and been really impressed with the search function. . . I am currently putting an slr 650 back on the road and after many months of work it's very nearly ready. I have fitted a nearly straight through pipe and a cone filter, upped the...
  4. Update on Loggys bike

    Africa Twin
    Well ladies and gentlemen. I brought the bike home this weekend. Left my Hilux at work. So first thing I did was ride to Abingdon Honda to pick up the bits I ordered. They included a new front sprocket, sprocket retainer and new bolts, air filter, snail chain adjuster cams, rear hub nut...
  5. lumpy running

    '91 transalp 600 (PD06), 106,000km. no real problem but it's recently started running "lumpy". fine on acceleration, no hesitation or anything & higher speeds are smooth enough too but when maintaining a steady speed (60-80kmh) the bike feels like it's running "lumpy". No obvious misfires it...
  6. Cam chain woes

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm having a right old headache with my cam chains on this 1979 xl250s, as in this thread, After dropping a valve, I did a topend rebuild, and I suspect this may have been due to a...
  7. intermittent spark problem

    hi guys, got a 1990 250r with a spark problem. Put a new plug in it yesterday and although it didnt spark at first it did eventually. It fired up and ran perfectlly all afternoon, ticked over, no misfires, smashing. Tried to start it today...nothing. tried the obvious like waggling wires etc all...
  8. choke lever

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, i've put a post on regarding a misfire. I was reading through previous posts regarding misfires and a few mention choke cable. Am i correct in thinking that the choke lever should fully return when released as mine goes back about a 1/3 but you have to push the lever away from you to...
  9. full throttle misfire

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, after putting the new airbox rubber on the RD03 and making sure there were no air leaks i went out on it last weekend i noticed a small misfire once but thought nothing else of it........................ however i went out on it today and on 3/4 to full throttle it holds back and...
  10. The ultimate guide to spark plugs

    Mechanical Advice
    While chatting on an Aprilia RS125 forum about fixing my son's bike the question of spark plugs soon came up. A helpful member posted the following guide to plugs. Probably the most comprehensive and most helpful guide to plugs I have ever read...... perhaps a sticky?
  11. Misfire, then death

    Mechanical Advice
    OK so I spoke too soon. My 1988 XL600V occasionally cut out and re-started, but was not charging. I used the excellent flowchart from electrosport to try to find the problem, but in reality, its use was to give me the confidence to start pulling the bike apart, whereupon I discovered the...
  12. Engine misfire

    I've asked this question on another Tranalp forum and no one else seems to have experienced it so I thought I'd ask on here. I have an 06 TA that recently developed what I can only descibe as an engine misfire. In the top two gears, at anything over 4500 rpm, if I accelerate hard it misfires...
  13. adjustable ignition timing

    Africa Twin
    Well, I have been told on many occasions that my late RDo7 @ has fixed ignition timing, and that there is no adjustment (but I am the kind of guy that won’t take no for an answer. Well last week I was having a few niggles with the bike running a bit ‘lumpy’ at low RPM, not the kind of fault...
  14. You know how nothing ever goes wrong?

    Well...I may have a "problem"! :shock: Particularly cold morning this morning, bike fired up as normal with the choke and I made my way to work, a fastish ride of 20 minutes or so. I kept thinking I could hear the top box clattering a little bit as I approached roundabouts and stuff, then...
  15. urgent broken down in France help needed

    Africa Twin
    Monsiour La Honda in Grenoble was unable to diagnose this so maybe you lot can help as I will be in another garage at 8am (7am your time). Bike went like a rocket all the way down. Sat Nav recorded ten hours moving and, including getting out of London and all the motorway stops, an average...
  16. "popping" on overrun?

    Africa Twin
    Just had my RD03 serviced (cos' I couldn't be bothered), i'm not convinced that they've set the mixture right anyway, but it still misfires when I shut the throttle (I know what do I want to shut the throttle for), dealer refererred to this as "popping on overrun", sounds a bit more than a...
  17. so what can you do with an aged AT

    Africa Twin
    I've just bought a 1988 (vintage?) XRV 650 RD03, I'm yet another born again biker, alot of the new stuff is spectacular, but there's also alot of unecessary bits, thought I could strip out some of the excess....don't laugh I'm going to try it. 1) Filters anybody put K&Ns direct onto the carbs...