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  1. Chatter It just goes to show he's right but i didn't want to post this in his thread abut his friend. Judge slams driver who ran over motorcyclist while messaging his grandmother | Mail Online Theres some bleedin idiots out there...
  2. Chatter
    be careful out there people no matter how good you think you are' yesterday i lost a friend in a collision exact details unknown at this time, he was a real Gentle giant who could ride a bike like nobody i know had all the Rospa, IAM, etc, etc training but it seems this day his angels...
  3. Chatter
    I aasume I missed them when they went on sale? Any more in the pipeline?
  4. Chatter
    Now then, who's going through to the final? England getting beaten by France - who'd have put money on that? Wales beating Ireland. Cracking game and probably the game of the tournament. Australia beating South Africa - didn't see the game but from the low score, might have missed a good 'un...
  5. Chatter
    any good gossip i have missed or what other bits and pieces should i be catching up with?
  6. Mechanical Advice
    Got my spring service done over the last 2 days, fairings removed and cleaned inside out, engine cleaned, chain cleaned, excess Scotoil removed from neEly everywhere. Whilst I had the bits off I decided to do a service myself, I was gonna book it in for a 24k. Only done oil, filter, air filter...
  7. Chatter
    This sneaked up quite suddenly, but this is my 2000th post.
  8. Chatter
    Been away for a while now, anyone notice?? What's been the hot threads?? haven't the time to catch up with the 8,000 I've missed:eek: I want to feel your lurv guys:D
41-48 of 48 Results