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  1. Snapped and detached nipples

    The nipple ends of these blighters often snap off. There might be a source of replacement spigot / nipple mouldings ... missus. Anyone able to supply similarly precise dimensions of a detached 'Long One' (Steady now, Alias) ? Thank You !
  2. Max weight

    Hi ! Just had a look through the Haynes catalogue but couldn't find anything about maximum weight for rider+pillion. Can anyone help Me + the missus are 158kg. Thanks !
  3. an invite....

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Me and my missus are planning to venture to Hunstanton on Bank Holiday Monday if the weather is half decent. Apparantly it gets packed on a Bank Hol.
  4. Nordkapp Trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me, The Missus, and the AT on our trip to Norway,s North Cape.
  5. Shame :((

    It looks like my dream of his'n'hers Alps for me & the missus is out the window:( Soo had a try on the Alp & there's no way she can get away with the seat height (even with the seat lowering kit it wouldn't be enough). Someone said check out the new BM F650 which has a seat AND suspension...
  6. North West Rideout

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A big thanks to everyone for turning up today despite the weather.:D I can't download pics but hopefully there will be some posted soon There were 10 of us in total, Airwolf on his trusty TA, Pigugly & Miss Pig on their TA, newbie Nomad on his shiny 'borrowed' Benelli, Hudders on his AT...
  7. Dirt Bike show

    Well I went to this show yesterday and I am shocked to admit that the 800GS is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::D:D. Lots of stuff for sale but I did'nt see any really good deals (some of the kit was cheaper on fleabay!). Stood lookin at the 800GS on the BM stand and a...
  8. Flip Helmets Please Read

    This may be worth reading about a good friend Dazco ,who had a big off last weekend. His flip front helmet was of a locking type and Dazco was sure it was locked. The damage to the hemet indicates a heavy front impact on the chin and forhead ,and It may suggest that the load was greater than the...
  9. Old Trans Alp-Want to paint on cheap but which colour and how?

    Mechanical Advice
    I've got a '97 Transalp in black/grey. One panel missing which I've replaced with a litle purple number. I want to give it a wuick cheap face lift and was thinking about going the matt black route. Will a quick rub down after removing the stickers and a couple of coats of halfords matt black or...
  10. Hi yawl, and opinions for my respray

    Firstly, I'd just like to introduce myself. I'm a thirty something bloke from near Basingstoke. I have a wife and 2 kids, so don't get to do enough tours on the bike! I can't wait until they grow up <wishing my life away!> but as the second one is only a year old, it may be a while yet. I have...
  11. Morocco honeymoon: two's up on the AT.

    Africa Twin
    Hello I'm taking the old girl down to southern morocco next month, with the missus on the back for our honeymoon. I know she's a reliable beast (the bike), but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for what to take with me on the spares side of things. I'll be taking a puncture repair kit and...
  12. quick opinion required

    Please dont move this thread to the for sale or auction as I am only thinking about selling. can anyone give me a ballpark figure of the value of my @. its a 96 07 with 18k on the clock. comes with oxford heated grips(ones with the button control not the old twist jobbie), engine bars(not...
  13. Mini U.S. tour on a Harley-any tips?

    Other Bikes
    Hello peeps. Me and the Missus are going on a mini tour (1000 miles) in the US in July on a big fat Harley Electa Glide. I've never toured at all so don't really know what to take to wear or what to expect. We're going to do a big circle from LA to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas with a few stops...
  14. Africa Twin Traveller

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just bumped into Ian Coates, the man who's riding his africa twin round the world ( basically). I was picking the missus up from work on my RD04 and he saw us parked in town, came over in his van and said hi, pleased to find another @...
  15. Newbie!-Buying advise please

    Hello everyone. I'm thinking about asking a neighbour if he'd like to sell his Transalp as it's sitting there rotting away (has been there for a year+) and I'd like something to get the missus on the back of and to tinker with. I really don't know how much to pay though. Parker's guide says in...
  16. Staying in Amsterdam

    OK, let's give this new Forum software a go. Nothing about bikes though I'm afraid :( I'm thinking of taking the missus and kids to Amsterdam during the Easter Hols and was aftre some advice on the best way to get information on where to stay. I know about the obvious UK sites like Expedia...
  17. Hooz Jenna ?

    Non-sexist, non-defamatory, just curious question. Jenna has got a real tasty avatar, but there again so does Mabels old man :D By no stretch of the imagination would Mabel's old man look like that no matter how much he paid his local drama society :lol: I'm just that Jenna...
  18. moving

    anyone got any advice for me. I am moving from cornwall to norwich on the 3rd march and need to hire a van. I have found a company here that does one way rentals but only do a LWB van for this and that means my @ wont fit in it. So i need a luton with a tail lift. So far the best resolution I...
  19. How miserable is it outside

    Took a walk to the station this morning with the dog to fetch the missus car and then another hour at the local fort so the pup can run at her hearts content. But it is really miserable outside and suppose to swap handlebars and stick new brake pads onto the AT but just can't be bovvered to go...
  20. I'm having a Chad day ...... it's because -

    I'm bloody well stuck on my Wee Island !! and couldn't get to work today. I have been trying to get away since 7:30 this morning but it's blowing a feeking hooley up here and getting worse. Our normal ferry is away for it's annual refit and the old tub the CalMac ( bless them) have put on the...