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  1. Mita E-08 Tyres

    Africa Twin
    The front tyre on my newly acquired A/T is shot,it's a Bridgestone Trail Wing TW101,the rear is a TW152 which still has a fair bit of tread,looking at the price of a replacement TW101 I can get a pair of Mita E-08's for not much more,are they any good? I will be doing mostly road work with the...
  2. Tyre Selection

    Bit of a tyre predicament......... Currenty on second set of Tourances, front at 2500miles/rear at 8000. Rear is a squared off a bit, so could do with changing in the next few weeks. Riding 100 miles monday on M6/A roads to South lakes, then back on Friday (usually). Midweek very short runs...
  3. XR600R - which tyres, type & size?

    Aplogies for this, I've done a fair amount of searching and have confused myself more than cleared anything up, so have a couple of questions wrt tyres, apolgies for the Newbie style question. Firstly my new bike ('93 Honda XR600R)has a Michelin Anakee fitted to the front, in a 90/90/21 size...