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  1. Varadero
    Does anyone know the length of the original shock of a mk2 abs varadero? I would like to compare it with the bitubo shoch that it is fitted to my bike at the moment.
  2. XR
    Hello from Greece,Im rebuilding my XL600LM (1985-PD04) and i need the GUIDE, CAM CHAIN Part number:14620MK4620 which replaces (14620MG3003, 14620MK4600, 14620MK4601 that older XRs have). The problem is that this part, is no longer available!!!Has anyone tried the NX650 ? i.e.(14620MN9870 Guide...
  3. Varadero
    I´m checking out the PC-page and there is pcV(16-006) and also Autotune AT-200 only for modell 2003-2009. Is there anybody who has fitted on newer or knows it´s the same for modell 2010 and newer Powercommander Varadero...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys i have various plastics here for sale from a 88 dommie,,including front wheel.. serious offers by pm sell the lot in one go preferably fur a decent offer. not a silly one also have a front complete wheel in gold, an nearly new tyre on it knobbly road legal...
  5. Transalp
    looking for a set off these please cash waiting;)
  6. Africa Twin
    Will a MK 1 Transalp seat fit on an RD07? My Alfie has gone into winter hibernation, but my shortarse mate who is looking after it may need to nip it into the workshop...and he's got a lowered seat on his TA...
  7. Dominator / FMX
    Anyone here ever tried fitting MK2 fairings and sidepanels to a MKI (US Model ) RD02? Is the frame the same? or will it need fettling? I know the seats are different but what about the rubber mounts on the sidepanels are they the same on both the RD02's? The only reason I ask is I have an...
  8. Africa Twin
    Currently in Kavala on the Greek coast, and I've never seen so many ATs in one town...4 so far:thumbup: Plus many mk1 and 2 Transalps, Varaderos,Dommies and a lots of 'normal' bikes too:mrgreen: Onwards to Turkey tomorrow...
  9. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ventured out into the forests of the Highlands again in puriut of the perfect spectator vantage point. Joined by Raymo, Steve T and Africa Jim. Super day out Raymo at fool tilt Steve doing the same !! Thanks guys for making it such a hoot :thumbup::thumbup:
  10. Bultaco
    A rare sightning in this country, and it looks great. To bad I do not afford more toys. From the Web:
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Blue red white @ North Milton Keys between Newport and Wolverton. Last night about 1715. Me on Blue 650 TA. Any body from here?
  12. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Bank holiday monday the MK and Northants honda owners club are having a bbq,bike show and auction in aid of the air ambulance. good bunch of people,mainly sports cruisers and goldwings AND ME on the only transalp or that type. all welcome free entry...
  13. Varadero
    I'm after a panel or a couple of panels for my Vara, so I can drill holes in to fit some bits 8) I don't know what the panel's called though! It's the sort of fill-in bit around the cockpit as highlighted (hurriedly!) here... I haven't managed to find anyone who's breaking a Vara...
1-14 of 14 Results