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  1. Best Waterproof Helmet

    I'm currently wearing a Shoei Neotec Mk1. The visor leaks a fair bit when it rains. The Pinlock insert seems to shrink and fit poorly, therefore it mists up. The leaking visor causes the misting to accelerate. I contacted Pinlock and they sent me a new insert. It also shrunk over time and now...
  2. Luggage Rack Mk11!

    Bodgers Corner
    Well, following on from this thread; I have decided to change things a little - just to add a bit of extra refinement & va, va, voom!! And not forgetting the luggage roll attachment! . Maybe all this is too high...
  3. Kavala- Town of the Twins!

    Africa Twin
    Currently in Kavala on the Greek coast, and I've never seen so many ATs in one town...4 so far:thumbup: Plus many mk1 and 2 Transalps, Varaderos,Dommies and a lots of 'normal' bikes too:mrgreen: Onwards to Turkey tomorrow...
  4. Stolen thread

    in this ebay link you willl see the details of weavers stolen escort if anyone can help him please do merv
  5. For Sale: Honda CRM 250 1989

    For Sale / Wanted Text from the ad: I have owned this bike for 11mths, and have used it for trail riding, trail bike class trials, long distance trials, and TRF trailriding weekends, and it has proved reliable and faultless on all occasions. The...