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  1. Wanted: XL600 WaterPump 1995 Model

    For Sale / Wanted
    HI, Does anyone have or no where I can find a waterpump for my rebuild. Any help much appreciated
  2. 2020 KTM XCW Lineup - New TPI model

    Everything Orange - KTM :cool:
  3. Wanted: XRV750 seat wanted, 2002 model

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a seat for RD07. cheers
  4. XRV Twin 1990 engine swap for a 2001 model

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if a 2001 engine will swap straight into a 1990 model ? Regards, Tim.
  5. Running without a battery

    Hey all! This is my first post.I recently bought an'82 XL250R(MD03)which has seen better days.My intention is to do a scrambler type build with it so want to get rid of the airbox and battery.Can anyone tell me if the bike will start and run without a battery? Or could I use a "battery...
  6. installing led lights on @ rd07 -97

    How to.....
    Hello. Trying to install led lights. I've tried with a few different led relays. The closest I get is to have one side working as it should and other side makes hazard lights. Same effect on all relays but blink speed varies. I can switch the cables to make both left and right function so its...
  7. CRF DCT owners: Please take note

    Africa Twin
    Hi All I need to share an experience with you in case my issue is wider. Not trying to frighten people, just sharing what for me was a frightening experience CAUTION: DCT owners PLEASE take note Bike had its first service today (579 miles). I drew the dealer's attention to the sticking...
  8. For Sale: Harley Davidson 1995 FLHTCU Ultra Classic Evo 1340cc carburettor model

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    The Harley Davidson 1995 FLHTCU Ultra Classic was top of the range touring model with the full touring kit of Tourpac, panniers and legshields. This is an Evo 1340cc carburettor model. The bike has done 28403 miles has 2 previous owners and is MOT'd to 26 May 2017. The bike was registered new...
  9. Rider modes

    Hi, I took the TA to work yesterday. It was frosty so I selected the correct rider mode, adjusted the screen for the speed I would be travelling, adjusted the suspension, de selected, the traction control, selected launch control, adjusted the lean control abs etc:toothy10: Nah not really I...
  10. Rattle from exhaust possibly - confused - video included - should I worry - 94 model

    So there's a rattly noise. It sounded like there was something in the exhaust expansion chamber - like a catylytic converter or something - the rattle had always been there but off and on and no real pattern to it Maybe it's the cold weather but now it's there and bothering me every ride. It...
  11. Stubbsie's new Africa Twin Road Test 2016

    Africa Twin
    Today Monday 11th January 2016 I took the new CRF 1000L Africa Twin out for a brief road test courtesy of Smiths Honda of Chester. Tel: 01244 336 565 After having the initial brief on the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) system, and the different settings of Automatic, Manual or Sports mode I set...
  12. 700 Alp fuel guage question from a newbie

    Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked before. I have searched around the net and can't find a definitive answer. I have just acquired a 18k 2010 700 Alp and love it to bits but...... How the hell does the fuel gauge work, I have read the handbook a hundred times and still can't get my...
  13. Honda XL500s (1980) UK model

    I'm looking for a replacement exhaust for my XL500s (rear section) any condition considered. I have a number of holes in mine Reply or PM Thanks Alan
  14. Honda VFR800 Crossrunner vs Yamaha 900 Tracer

    Hi all, while waiting for my new Africa Twin to turn up (spoke to Honda Ecosse today, confirmed I'll get the first one in)I decided to have a look around at what's out there that interests me as I feel the need! I've still got my Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer which I love to bits and am heading to...
  15. Wanted: Africa Twin standard or Touratech seat in black for 2001 model

    For Sale / Wanted
    Need a standard seat any condition considered. Honda or Touratech. Thanks Bob
  16. The Africa Twin is back! CRF1000L Africa Twin confirmed for 2015.

    Africa Twin
    Honda Press release today: The Africa Twin is back! CRF1000L Africa Twin confirmed for 2015. Honda is delighted to announce the return of one of motorcycling’s most celebrated and evocative names – the Africa Twin. Having clearly shown the direction of its development and intent with the...
  17. Honda heated grips

    How to.....
    It's probably the wrong time of year (hopefully) to rabbit on about heated grips, but I think I've found a solution to a glitch with the official Honda grips I fitted several years back. The problem was that all three red lights on the control panel would flash rapidly and for no apparent...
  18. XL600V is going to Mongolia: need tech tips and advices pls

    Hey there TA fellows! Prepping for the The Big Trip, would you recommend to: 1. Replace clutch disks just in advance? No slipping, no smell, nothing extraordinary now. 2. Replace bearings? We have (a) front and (b) rear wheel, (c) steering and (d) swing arm bearings. Any of them, or none, or...
  19. There and back again

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    There and back again A quote from Lord of the rings, the film being made on location in New Zealand. I needed some distraction over xmas new year and wanting to get away I couldn't get any further than NZ. I chose the right place to get distracted. Many say the best parts of Europe are mirrored...
  20. For Sale: Honda Transalp XL 600 V-X 2000 50th Anniversary Model

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda Transalp XL 600 V-X 2000 50th Anniversary Model 40,000mi with a new engine with only 30,000mi £1800 My Visa is up and I have to return to Australia, therefore I'm selling my beloved Transalp. Collectors edition with Commemorative emblem on side of tank and on keys Liquid-cooled...