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  1. Power increase from changing airbox, jetting and exhaust?

    Africa Twin
    First post on the forum. Moderators, please guide me right if these questions has already benen answered elsewhere on the forum. 1A. Assume that we start with an unmodified RD04 - how much can the power (horsepower, torque) be increased by modifying airbox, changing air filter, changing...
  2. Transalp 600 Givi Pannier Racks and Givi Engine Crash Bars

    If you don't frequent the sales forum... I'm selling mine.. See here: (I'm not sure if this post here is allowed so moderators - feel free to delete)
  3. Rude nude avatars

    Ah hem! gentleman AND ladies, It has been drawn to the attention of the moderators that there appears to be a competition to see who can get away with the rudest avatar before the big bad nasty moderators take action.:hitler: We know you are all having a laugh and trying it on, so rather than...
  4. Should there be a maximum age for moderators...

  5. Moderators Rota...

    Is the Moderators Rota Posted anywhere :confused: Just Ive got a really funny joke to post, but its a bit dodgy, and I know I'll never get it pass Kymmy :rolleyes:
  6. Oi you bloody moderators

    Who's been buggering about with my avatar signature? (Chad)