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  1. Rear shock - A bit too soft?

    Hi. I have had my 99' TA 600 for a while now, and I want to make my bike a little less soft, and also try to lift the rear a bit. Is this possible just by modifying the original parts? Has anyone done this before? In the front I added a few mm. of fork-oil, and changed the viscosity. That...
  2. Engine Bars wanted.

    I'm after a set of engine bars for my 2007 Transalp 650, preferably used, condition is not an issue. I will be modifying the bars to include spotlights and will be having them powder coated when I'm done. It seems a shame to buy new ones and start cutting and welding at them. If anyone has any...
  3. Fork boots/gaiters

    Hello folks, first post on here so go easy :thumb:. I'm in the middle of stripping back/modifying my 2009 XL700V. I'm looking for fork boots but don't know the size to get, I'm away from home at the moment so can't measure up myself...Has anyone any idea? Diameter and length to go for? Cheers Al
  4. Screen solutions No 546

    After modifying my Vara screen & being quite impressed, the Transalp feels plain draughty & noisey. I reckon the way forward is multi layered & high. Modified MRA on the Vara (the MRA was rubbish as stock). I've been looking at a suitable donor screen for the Alp for some time, only when I...
  5. Power increase from changing airbox, jetting and exhaust?

    Africa Twin
    First post on the forum. Moderators, please guide me right if these questions has already benen answered elsewhere on the forum. 1A. Assume that we start with an unmodified RD04 - how much can the power (horsepower, torque) be increased by modifying airbox, changing air filter, changing...
  6. xr 125 sump/bash guard

    hi guys just wondering if someone can help me a little. im going to change my bash guard from my home made cheapie to something a bit stronger and ive just come across a bash guard for a sinnis apache on ebay to me the bikes look similar in body and engine so im wondering if i get this guard...
  7. Stromeferry (No ferry)

    Looks like Stromeferry (No ferry) is about to get it's ferry back - and an end to the obvious joke, which the BBC have clearly failed to pick up on. So, the A890 will be closed for some time if the authorities are talking about modifying the railway to allow road traffic access and the...
  8. need some help modifying my xr600

    Hi guys im new to this but was wandering if anyone has any info or help on my matter. heres the thing, i have a 1988 xr600 supermoto to which i have fitted an slr 650 engine in to. i have modified the airbox top yoke ect ect i just wanted to know if i can run the slr 650 engine on the xr600...
  9. Modifying a '05 stock exhaust can

    Hi to all. Just came back from the Prawn Rally in Beira, Mozambique, a 1800km round trip from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and back. The roads were very quiet so I managed to sit at a steady 120km/h for most of the ride, except when slowing down for animals on the road and also the most irritating...
  10. Finished modifying my GSA

    (nicked from the GS'er forum)