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  1. crf 450 monoshock on XR 600 1995?

    Hi! Does anyone know if the crf 450 monoshock will fit in my XR 600 1995? I can get one used at a very good price and I would like to put it. Thanks!
  2. Hagon preload the hell?????

    Hi all. hopefully someone can help. I recently bought a hagon monoshock with the optional preload adjustor unit. the problem I have now, is that there is about a foot of hydraulic hose with a big metal adjuster on the end. i have no clue as to where to mount it using the supplied bracket. I've...
  3. pe/xl hybrid

    just picked up a suzuki pe 175 with a xl250 s motor fitted,runs ace but need a bit more poke.i know the xl/xr 250/500 twinshock motors are the same size so i could slot a xr 500 twinshock motor in but i have a chance of a 1981 xr 500 r motor anybody know if the first year r models( monoshock)...
  4. CRF 450 over the fields :)

    CRF - New Forum!
    My Buddy's 450 just out for a couple of hours work, and then riding today :thumbup: Daytime MOT only, IIRC there needs to be power spun back out of the rotor and stator to power lights and sundries to get a full MOT? Tall bike though! And kick start only, which is nice ;) Is this around the...
  5. Monoshock question.

    Dominator / FMX
    I have been looking for a cheaper solution to buying a brand new shock absorber for my dommie and came across some that look similar to the one on my dommie. Has anyone tried fitting the rear shock from a Honda VFR 750 (RC24) as they look the same apart from the remote reservoir and its only 2mm...
  6. Not another monoshock question from the scouse git in Denmark.

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings chaps, I have found an Ohlins TTX 44 Mk 2 from a Husaberg supermoto for sale and was wondering if it can be modified to fit my dommie project. All I can find out is that its 4.5 cm shorter than the dommie mono between the bolt holes. This will obviously reduce the ride hight which is...
  7. Wilbers Monoshock.

    Dominator / FMX
    I am thinking of buying a Wilbers monoshock for my flattracker project . Have any of you chaps used one on a dommie and are they worth the expense? They have two types for the RD02. The eco-line 540 and the 640 which is about £60 more expensive. Is it worth paying the extra just to have the...
  8. Wanted: Monoshock.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Do any of you chaps have a monoshock for sale that will fit my RD02 dommie. I am looking for a non standard shock to use on my flat tracker project, it must be able to handle my 90 kilo lard arse.:thumbup: Before I spring for a new Wilbers or Hagon, I was hoping you folks might have one hiding...
  9. Just bought brand new MX2

    Sorry peeps, its not a bike :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: I have just invested £100 in an Android MX2 Smart TV box for interweb telly all loaded up with bells and whistles that promises me Sports galore like footey, rugby, bike racing and such sillyness,Skype and net surfing plus adult movie...
  10. Vara xl1000v monoshock 2000 model

    Wondering if anyone knows of cheap monoshock Desperately needing one cheers in advance:thumbup
  11. Monoshock bushes?

    Africa Twin
    Morning, The AT has just failed it's MoT due to a rather startling amount of up-down play where the top of the monoshock mounts to the frame. Looking at the parts fiche I can't make out whether there's a replaceable bush in that part of the shock or whether the whole unit is going to need...
  12. Wanted: Kawasaki KLR 650A rear shock

    For Sale / Wanted
    Rear monoshock wanted for 1989 KLR 650A, original or aftermarket, even something that might be grafted on would be considered, (400mm centres with eyelet at the top and u shaped bracket at the bottom) no silly prices please as its just used for local green laning, Thanks
  13. How easy is it to remove the monoshock?

    Mechanical Advice
    I need to remove the hagon monoshock on my 600TA to adjust it and the Haynes book of lies says it’s a simple job of lifting the back end up then unbolting 3 bolts? Surely it can’t be that simple?:confused: I’m planning to tie a couple of ropes around the pannier racks then over the roof beam...
  14. How to ajust HAGON Monoshock while on the bike???

    Mechanical Advice
    I need to wind up the pre-load on the Hagon Monoshock on the 600TA since it’s getting a bit soft. Is there I way I can do this with it still attached to the bike? Bearing in mind I need to unlock the ring around the top adjuster before I can even move it so can’t just bash it with a rod and...
  15. Dominator monoshock query

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi folks I have a 2000 Dominator (X plate) and have noticed pitting on the chrome surface of the monoshock unit. Can anyone tell me if this surface is a protective sheath or the real which case it'll probably knacker the seals in a short while. I'm asking as replacement units look...
  16. Monoshock rebuild service

    Dominator / FMX
    Saw this on e-bay, seems a VERY good deal compared to a Honda or Hagon replacement. HONDA FMX650/FMX 650/FX650/FX 650 SHOCK ABSORBER REFURB on eBay (end time 09-Jan-10 19:25:00 GMT)
  17. For Sale: Africa Twin XRV750 2002 Monoshock

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale - Genuine Honda Africa Twin XRV750 2002 Monoshock Run on my bike and has done 16'000 miles. Also just been checked and in good working order. Sensible offers to [email protected] or PM on here. Rob
  18. Adjusting Hagon Mono-shock?

    Mechanical Advice
    Silly question but how do you soften the hagon mono shock. The previous owner had it turned up so tight that there is very little damping affect so it’s almost like riding a hard tail bike. I have just ordered a spanner off Hagon I presume I just find what ever bolt the spanner goes around and...
  19. Venom Motad Can / Hagon Monoshock

    Discounts / Deals
    If anyone is still interested in one of these, I've been in touch with the guys at Motad and they tell me they're manufacturing some more so are available for £70 plus £10.95 postage. Call Ian or Dave on 01922 714 700 to arrange. This is for the complete kit - link pipes, clamps etc etc Also...
  20. Monoshock C Spanner

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know what size, and where I can get one online? The Haynes bible just says "suitable sized", which does not help when ordering....