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  1. Monsoon 3 SaddleBags on AfricaTwin RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hello Long time reader, first time poster from austria here. I've been looking for a softbag system for my 1993 Twin and came across the Enduristan Monsoon 3 Saddle bags. On their homepage they say you can use them without a rack on a XRV650, is someone of you using them on a RD07 (with or...
  2. Doon Under (As we say in Aberdeen)

    Hello folks. Just a wee update from this fantastic country. Lots of Harleys and riders in full Badass gear. Must be sweltering There are roads here that are the stuff of dreams. Winding up and down the mountains. However!..... The winds can be fearsome and the rain that usually accompanies...
  3. Mitas E-09 tyre

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Mitas E-09 tyre – 0/5 stars CANNOT recommend. Background: I was given a brand new Mitas E-09 tyre, for free to review, by the South African distributor for use on our overland trip through South East Asia on a Honda Africa Twin. We are two-up and fully loaded. I think that the...
  4. Ridden: CBF600

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Took my FMX for replacement head bearings and was "fortunate" enough to be offered a courtesy bike (first time in 19yrs of riding mind you:() I had the dubious pleasure of a CBF600N. When reviewers say it is boring they understate the point slighlty :sleepy5::shock::sleepy5: The engine is...
  5. neutral light

    I drove to work this morning in a raging monsoon with very strong wind. My TA700 was fine, however as I got near office I realised that neutral light on, (I was definitely in 5th) the bike dried out during day an light off on way home. SMcG
  6. One piece Rain Suits

    I need some help / feedback. I want a One Piece rain suit that has the double full leg zips i.e. same design as the Triumph. I am looking for something I can put on in a hurry, monsoon rain invariably hits like a wall, over stiff high touring boots, jeans and a mesh jacket. The Triumph suit is...
  7. New Member: Some XR400 Questions

    Dear Folks Just returned to biking after about 15 years. Bought a 3 year old XR400 with only 180 km on the clock which I use for a 5 mile ride to work. I'm loving it but have a few questions: The bike runs generally well but misses a wee bit at about 110kph. It also missed a fair bit at...
  8. tyres

    I am new to the TA with knobbly tyres all my other bikes have had 'normal' road tyres. 2 days this week and one day last week I drove to/from work in torrential rain. each trip is 20 miles with about 10 crossing Glasgow streets and the other 10 on motorway/dual carriageway. The tyres (trailwing)...
  9. I now have a KTM 950 Adv

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Yes... I have bought one.. And I've only ridden it 13 miles in the last 5 hours because it's sodding well raining like a monsoon. So F****d off.. (But I have managed to spin up the backend :-) )
  10. XRV Knights - a lesson in preparedness

    A MASSIVE thank you to Richie, Lord Vader, Chad and Whealie for going out of their way to help me out. There I was..... ;) .. travelled down to Horsham on Sunday night for an early start on Monday morning. Nice hotel, unload the bike, just repositioning the bike to somewhere secure in the...
  11. I made a wronge choice...

    I Love my Tour-X to peices, but there are times it's just not up to it, and last night was one of them... I did 150 miles in that Monsoon and what can I say, it just mists up so so bad... I should of used my standard Shoei, I spent half the ride wondering we're the hell I was! Pondering...
  12. My introduction to my AT

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is kinda a ride report. Well Guys, I'm finally a proper member of the forum. I bought my first AT. Boxerdogs-1999 Black RD07a (The fastest colour I hear). :D I heard about this forum from a friend of mine who has an AT. All it took was 3 days to get hooked. The AT just sounded...