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  1. Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters

    No, I wasn't sure what it was going to be when I saw the title. It’s illegal to camp in the parks in Melbourne, so when is a tent not a tent? When it's an outfit :D Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters - YouTube
  2. 640k

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    well it's a long time since I've done more than about 300k in one go, & never on the transalp, who's seat is killingly painful after only an hour. Having asked for ideas on here (& elsewhere), & having failed to buy some cycling shorts I managed to grab an inflatable neck cushion thing which I...
  3. My first trail experience.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well I suppose this is not really a ride report as such but my first experience of any kind of `off road` experience. The closest I have ever come to leaving my nice smooth roads is a slightly bumpy country lane. So I set off and the first port of call is a quick break in Saltburn ready...
  4. Reliving my teens

    Oh mate and I have just booked tickets to see Iron Maiden at Twickenham in July! :cheers: Sounds like a bit of a classics tour, "Somewhere back in time"...which funnily enough was when I last saw them at Donnington Monsters of Rock on their Somewhere in Time tour in the 80's! Get...
  5. 2hrs

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Despite having a weeks holiday, what with the three monsters, wifey having medical examinations numerous & various cos of a month long sinusitis, the upstairs toilet leaking again & the kitchen needing painting, it doesn’t look like i’m gonna get out much on the bike… I did manage to get out...
  6. to the outlaws & back

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So, one of the rare occasions for me to get out & about on the tralp other than just ride to work or a quick flip round the block… From Auxerre to Lohans, to visit wife & childers at the outlaws, 250(ish) k straight down the Nationale 6 from north to south. Stinking hot weather all week-end &...
  7. cant remember film title

    Need help to remember the title of the horror film. Young woman gets stung by nasty monster that lives in the dark shadows. Years later the monsters come to claim the woman. in the end she is admitted to hospital as a fruit cake locked in a room with no lights and the nasties get her. She is...
  8. Going up or down, what's the hardest?

    I was at Bridge Motorcycles today and was looking at some of the smaller bikes. One, a 650 trail bike much like my old KLX-650 staggered me at how totally tiny it now looks after I've been riding things like the ZX7, @ and now the Vara. I then thought that it would be quite daunting getting back...
  9. Flushed Away

    Fantastic!! Took the monsters to see it yesterday and now it's owe fish ee ully my film of the week! Laugh out loud stuff, take some under tens and laugh at them when they look at you with that I don't understand face 'cos you're laughing at something that zoomed over their heads!! It's ace...
  10. Anyone tuned a Varadero?

    Since it´s a similar engine to the VTR and RC51, what are the beneficts and compatibility of those bike´s cylinder heads and camshafts on a Varadero? Just wondering if there are any monsters out there. :D