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  1. 700 or 650 ?

    My first Honda was a 650TA and I loved it. Changed to the 700, after a three year affair with a Triumph 955i and loathed it. Bought another 650 and sold the 700. Happy again. Is there a moral to this story ?
  2. Oil change & CDI compatibility

    Dominator / FMX
    A couple of other questions if you don't mind: After changing the oil and filter does the system need to be bled? A previous XT600 had a bleed screw above the filter that allowed trapped air out, and you also knew that oil had got that far. I've run the motor for a few seconds and the oil on...
  3. Africa Twin Stop-Go

    Africa Twin
    Ahem... some time ago I posted a thread regarding a fault on my AT whereby the bike would cut out intermittently... sometimes refusing to go into gear without stalling. Those of you kind enough to respond with suggestions may like to hear how this baffling puzzle was resolved. Africa Twins have...
  4. Bars are on....I'm going to lie down !

    Well, the TT bars are on the TA & what a poxy task that was ! Many thanks to Clancy & the rest for pics & moral support. I am hopeless/hapless at the best of times.....& this was not the best of days. Even with the extra pics etc I still managed to undo the wrong bolts on TWO occassions ...
  5. i wish i wasnt so bloody heavy handed

    Africa Twin
    putting the engine back together today:cool: new piston rings the cams and tappets sorted every things going well:cool: on the front there is a little alli fitment that takes a water hose from the front cylender to the bottom of the engine .. i stick a new o ring in it then start to fit it ,, im...
  6. never felt so embrassed :oops:

    Ever had one of those moment when you wished you had listen to someone's good advice? Well, I took a little run down to the coast, parked up and secured bike by “D” locking the front disk brake. Happily went on my way and had a ice cream, watched the world go by. Decided to make my way back...
  7. Just washed the Bike

    Africa Twin
    Just spent a Hour washing my bike, a job I hate. Due to the problems I am having with my AT, I did not bother to spray the rims ect with ACF 50 / Duck Oil / WD 40 [take your choice]. plus it has not been washed in over two months. Getting to the point, the front rim plus other plated parts...
  8. Changing sparkplugs.

    If I ever meet the Jap who designed the sparkplug arrangement for the TA, I'll walk all round his house with out taking my shoes off and put all his karaoke CD's in the wrong boxes!! I was putting a set of splitfire plugs in and changing the air filter today when I managed to drop one of the...
  9. Routine maintenace

    Africa Twin
    Well chaps left the rear caliper too long to serveice this time round and pow seized bolt. Did the bearings in minutes although forgot to order the sprocket carrier bearing :oops: New sintered pads rear disc and general clean up. But that annoying little pin that sits into the caliper mounting...