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  1. eBay: HG Ldies 'Coldblack' Summer trousers.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sue's riding gear. Last worn in Morocco. Cheers Dave
  2. eBay: Ladies Summer Jacket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Spada. Last worm by Sue on tour to Morocco. Cheers Dave.
  3. RD07A 20th anniversary - Morocco again

    Africa Twin
    Dear XRV Community, My RD07A's anniversary was actually an excuse to return to Morocco. I've always received kind and useful feedback from this forum, herewith sharing a few photos: More can be found here:[email protected]/albums Happy and safe travels!
  4. Another fuel pump issue

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Yes, another fuel pump issue. But a small one I hope. In 4 weeks i'm departing to Morocco so did my final check yesterday. Regulator check; wasn't the best. Changed it - voltage ok now. Anyway fuel pump -changing the points. All done, mounted, didn't start. Tried long so battery...
  5. Parking car southern Spain (to cross to Morocco)

    Hi guys, Entire April this year I'll be touring Morocco on my AT. To save time I'm putting my bike in a van & drive and park it southern Spain. Ofcourse as always everything's on a budget. I'll be taking the ferry from Algericas. You can park your car in the port at £ 40 per 7 days. Meaning...
  6. Another silly video I've made :) My Africa Twin ADV Part 1

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, The penny has eventually dropped - I'll not be going to Mongolia or Morocco on my new Africa Twin or having 40,000 mile RTW experience :( But, do you really need to ride so far to have your own little adventure? :D Have a laugh at my latest silly video.....
  7. Video - Ride throughout Morocco with a Honda XL 600 R Paris Dakar, alone - July 2016

    Hello XL owners, I found the forum wondering around in internet. I introduce myself, I’m Kikko, I’m Italian, I live in Turin and for more than 25 years I own a 1985 Honda XL 600 R Paris Dakar. This winter, together with a friend, I restored the bike completely. Since that this...
  8. Tyres, RD04

    Africa Twin
    Sorry for bringing up what I'm sure is an Old Cheshnut for many ;), but I could do with some advice: I'm about to fit new tyres (RD04) before a 3-week trip to Morocco. That said, most of the riding will be on tarmac, rather than off-road. The advice I've had is Heidenau K60s, but I see that...
  9. Foam air filter for TA700?

    I'm taking my TA700 to Morocco in October and we'll be doing some riding in sand. I've been advised to get a foam air filter as apparently they filter out finer particles than other ones. Is it possible to get a foam air filter for the TA700? I can't find one. Thanks
  10. Western Sahara, Morocco and Spain on a budget of £980.00 (VIDEO)

    Africa Twin
    Evening people! I am completing the final stages to film of a trip to Western Sahara...on a budget & it features a newly qualified 22yr old on an Africa Twin (restricted lisence) Here's the trailer- I hope you enjoy it...please do comment & share. They will be posted here as released ( like...
  11. Morocco Ride Report

    Africa Twin
    I've been trying to write up my recent trip to Morocco in the Ride Report section before I forget all the place names. Loads of pictures too...
  12. Morocco June 27th to July 12th

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Great little trip, deserts and mountains. Mix of tarmac and piste, suits big bikes with luggage. Looking to test a product, so not business advertising (As in, I'm not expecting anyone to pay for this.) Plan is a 2 week trip, 16 days including the weekends at either end, leaves a day in...
  13. Free: Garage clear-out --- Pick-up Ipswich??

    XRV Swap Shop
    All now gone. Moving house soon and there is room for the bike but not all the c**p I have collected over the years so it must go. Must be collected from Ipswich (IP3) if you want a freebie - wouldn't say no to a decent bottle of red wine if you insist though ;-) Tyres - off my Transalp...
  14. Hire a bike for Morocco !

    Hi all, Some of you may remember my ill-fated trip to Morocco - Basically I lost my job and the whole plan fell to bits:( So, back on the right tracks now, and rather than ride from Tyneside to Morocco, we are thinking if hiring a bike now. A Google search and various forums later, it seems...
  15. CRF 250L one year on

    CRF - New Forum!
    The CRF section is a bit quiet so thought I would put a video of my CRF which I am using for touring, a few tours in the UK so far Thinking of Europe and maybe Morocco for 2015
  16. Foam sock around the stock air filter for an RD03

    Africa Twin
    I will be riding dust for 3 weeks. Morocco and Tunisia. I wish to fit a foam sock over the stock paper filter. It is easier to clean a foam sock every other day than a filter ;-) Anyone has a source for such foam sock or am I the only dumbass to do that? :D Lee
  17. What happened here?

    What I think happened is that I had a slow puncture (thanks to the visible 'dig' in the tread) and because I was running slightly flat the tyre wore more on one side. Any ideas? This is the tourance which was new for my Morocco trip last year and has done exactly 10k.
  18. Spain to Morocco - any advice ?

    Hi all, Just read Jackdaws post on Morocco as I am off in September to Marrakesh with a couple of mates. Very early stages of planning, anyone got any advice on this? Will probs need additional insurance for north Africa, but I have heard "if it's not nailed down, it will vanish" type stories...
  19. Morocco 2014

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, My dilemma...I have a 'pass out' for a trip to Morocco in March:thumbleft:, but am having trouble finding a tour. Does anyone know of a short trip to Morocco this March that may have space for one more? I have looked at the usual sites on the 'tinternet, but unfortunately I can't find...
  20. Travelling to the continent and beyond....

    Hi All I am interested in any knowledge, advice or just general opinion on travel insurance when travelling abroad. I need comprehensive insurance to return me, my pillion (if traveling) and recovery of the bike to home from what should be Morocco. Travelling via Spain. I have bike insurance...