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  1. Bodgers Corner
    Met a guy in Soho today. Andy from Lithuania, made his own pannier ! Second one is still being made. (He'll be joining up here to get some info on Morroco :thumbup:) iphone pics only,and I couldn't get them up the right waty ? sorry.
  2. Competitions / Trials
    The team have made 2 days testing and have made it too the first stage of the Morroco Rally, good luck Honda boys
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi guys and girls, just got my first AT, wanted one for a long time. Quick question, I'm planning a trip to Morroco next year and can't decide what tyres to go for, was thinking maybe Avon Distanza. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Sean
  4. Travel
    Hi, I live in Spain and have a UK plated africa twin and am planning a trip to Morrocco for a couple of nights next month. Question I have is, as my bike is UK plated , it has not been mot'd or taxed for a while. What kind of documentation is required to get in and out of Morrocco? Many thanks...
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well one or two of you asked for pics and other info about my Morocco trip back last April. Up till now I havent posted any responses or pics - naughty naughty I hear you say - so I hope this little blog makes up for it! Still not finished yet but hopefully with a bit of gentle encoragement...
  6. XR
    any recomendations for a tyres for a 2000 mile ish morroco trip - maily off road:thumbright:
  7. Transalp
    So the bike is all loaded up on the truck and I'll meet it Malaga in about 3 days. I have given the bike a bit f a shakedown 120miles. All seemed good until I must have been down to the last litre or 2 in the tank and I started to get a splutter. I switched onto the reserve and all seemed well...
1-7 of 7 Results