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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hello! A quick question: are there any differences in the back-cover (most importantly in mounting points) of the speedoblock depending on the generation, i.e. are they identical and/or swappable? Happened to break the mounting ears on mine of a 1995 RD08 while carelessly tackling a motocross...
  2. Clothing
    I just ordered this : DUHAN Autumn Winter Motorcycle Jacket Men Motocross Equipment Cotton Lined Cold-proof Motorbike Moto Jacket Protective Gear A friend of mine got it and I love it so I ordered mine. Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi, i made this vid to show how i instald a motocross fuel filter in my crf 1000, i hope its usfell for anybody ho wants to travel.
  4. Helmets
    I like wearing an open face helmet on my old Transalp. I have a couple of Davida jet helmets which I find very comfortable and quiet but I can't seem to find comfortable goggles to wear with a Davida. The problem is the brow of the helmet comes quite low down my forehead and pushes the gogles...
  5. Charity Events
    Hampshire motocross club are holding their Leukemia Busters Motocross event at the famous Matterley Basin in Winchester tomorrow (26th July) Adults - a fiver Kids under 14 - free All in a good cause as far as I'm concerned Scott Redding is gonna be there too apparently
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    For sale, Trelgo 3 bike galvanised trailer. I have now sold my sons 2 motocross bikes and as mine was stolen we have no use for it. Good condition same model as the below picture, if any interest I can post some pictures of the actual trailer. After £325 seems to be the bottom end for what they...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hello has some nice pictures of the Africa Twin and NXR750 at the Honda Collection Hall in Motegi, near Tokyo. Dual-Purpose - Honda Collection Hall Motocross & Enduro - Honda Collection Hall cheers, Oliver
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    looking for an aftermarket exhaust from 650l it's for a motocross based domi so looks not important headers and link pipe would do as well many thanks johnny
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    hi guys not posted in a while because ive been busy sorting out work stuff. but ive just been randomly looking on ebay for the usual mods for the bike and come across these if anyone needs any for there xr 125 if someone has one out there TYRES HONDA XR125L Motocross Pirelli Scorpion Rear...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    So last year's show had a pretty lukewarm reception on these shores, which perhaps doesn't bode well for next month. But I've never been to a motorbike show before, so I'll be heading over with my friend RoboJo (occasionally of this parish) to check it out. I will probably make a beeline for...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi guys can I get some advice as what to put in a tool bag? I know I need the basics of spanners, screwdrivers. Pliers/multi tool .spare fuses. Spare bulbs. And my mind has gone blank now haha so if anyone has more ideas of what to stick in one it would be really appreciated :)
  12. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    So I bought a new inner tube for my rear -- the LBS assured and reassured me it would be good for my 140 tires, even though the package said 4.5-4.75 (Chen Shing). However after prying the old megastiff tubeless K60 from and preparing for mounting the new ultrastiffer K60 I noticed the tube had...
  13. Transalp
    Has anyone fitted Acerbis handguards to their TA. I'm interested to know if they fit around the switchgear, etc, ok as I think they're MX guards, I'm looking at the MX Uniko ones. Acerbis White MX Uniko Hand Guard Motocross Enduro Handguards inc Mounting Kit | eBay
  14. Other Honda
    I dropped my engine cases off with Rod Spry today for refinishing and this was in his workshop and 2 more in process of being assembled He will build you one if you ask nicely :) Rod Spry Engineering - Vintage Motocross Specialists
  15. XR
    hi all i dont know if there is any posts on this but i need new tires for my bike but i want like motocross ones. ive got pirelli mt 60's on at the moment but the back was a advisory on the last mot :( need to find out what will fit on the bike has anyone got any idea? ive seen some enduro ones...
  16. Competitions / Trials
    Now I have a van and a tow bar I'd like to give this a go - just need some TKC80's on my twin and maybe a bigger rear sprocket and she's good to go! Haven't entered anything like this before myself, but did motocross for years and years so fine with off road riding - it's the paperwork side of...
  17. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    MY daughter is going round a motocross track. I want to be able to use the bike for green lanes. I need to ride the bike on the road. Which tyres, what sizes and where from? Having little success asking motocross places.
  18. Transalp
    sorry if this have been done to death but could anyone confirm that a folding lever for a CR80 will fit a V1 650. Looking at this one: SUNLINE MOTOCROSS MX ALLOY GEAR LEVER SHIFTER folding tip HONDA CR 80 85 96-07 | eBaya :thumbup:
  19. Clothing
    Hi All. Anyone got these trousers are they any good ?? RFX RACEWEAR SINISALO STYLE ADULT ENDURO OR TRAIL RIDING PANT SIZE 38" WAIST | eBay
  20. For Sale / Wanted
    ok these are nto going work on my bike so up for sale again The bracket is brand new and will fit most ktm enduro and motocross bikes. The calliper is off a 2003 ktm 450 exc and again will fit most enduro and motocross bike from 125cc up to 450cc. pads are not worn much Bracket is 50 euro...
1-20 of 35 Results